Most Efficient Way to Smoke Dabs

Most Efficient Way to Smoke Dabs

Let's face it—dabs are expensive. They're also extremely potent, and smoking just a little too much can cause you to melt into the couch for hours on end. If you want to have a more enjoyable dabbing experience but also want to save some money on your dabs, there are ways to do both.

One way is to use Mini Rigs. Mini Rigs are the most efficient way to smoke dabs, allowing you to smoke less concentrate while still experiencing the same enjoyment. You get bigger hits than a vape pen, and all you need to smoke wax with your rig is a torch and a dab tool.

But a quality rig isn't all you need. You also need to understand what you're doing. This article includes a step-by-step guide on how to smoke dab rigs and extracts efficiently, as well as some common-sense tips that will help maximize each Mini Rig sesh.

What Makes a Miniature Dab Rig Superior?

There are many advantages to using a miniature dab rig instead of a “normal” sized rig. For one, the act of drawing air through the glass impacts how much flavor you can taste. Since miniature rigs require less air to pull than your average pipe, your hits will pack more flavor.


The compact size of these rigs is also convenient for anyone looking to enjoy their dabbing experience on the go. Because of their size and how easy it is to use them, you only need to take one or two long, slow inhalations to experience the effects of your dabs.

Also, using a mini dab rig makes it easier to avoid awkward moments—because of the small size, it’s less obvious what you're doing when you’re dabbing. 

Unlike traditional dab rigs, Mini Rigs take up minimal space. You can carry most of them in the palm of your hand. They actually resemble a regular water pipe more than a bulky piece that you might see at a party.

Another thing that makes Mini Rigs so practical is their design. The design makes it easier for you to control how much you're taking in every time you dab (and they also look cute as hell on your shelf). The more efficiently you consume concentrates, the more money and materials you can save.

If you're looking for a pragmatic way to smoke dabs, then Mini Rigs are the best option. They are available at a wide range of prices, so it's easy for everyone to find something that will suit their tastes and budget. 

Torch & Banger vs. E-Nail

What’s the best way to smoke dabs—should you use a torch and banger or an e-nail?

Using a torch with a banger is pretty much the iconic image of dabbing, and for good reason. Torches are easy to use, inexpensive, and will work for pretty much any type of concentrate. Whether you want big rips or small ones, a torch and banger is the way to go.

On the other hand, e-nails are a bit different. They use electricity to heat your dabs, which offers a much cleaner and more efficient way to enjoy concentrates. 

The best part about using an electric dab nail is that you can get the same amount of vapor with every dab hit because it's electronically controlled. Plus, since e-nails don't run on butane, they can be more convenient than torches.

But e-nails tend to be a bit more expensive than torches, so if you want something affordable yet efficient, then it's probably best for you to stick with a butane torch.

6 Tips for Dabbing Efficiently With Your Mini Rig

Just having a good mini dab rig and the right accessories isn’t enough. You can still be wasteful if you don’t use your gear the right way. Here are some tips to make sure you’re getting the most out of your experience.

Tip #1. Use Low Temperatures

Low temperatures are very important for getting the most out of your dabs. High temps tend to cause over-dabbing, which leads to waste and combusted concentrate inhalation.

Even worse, if the vapor is too hot when it comes into contact with room-temperature air, it can re-condense too quickly, leaving a nasty, sticky film on your lips and teeth.

On the other hand, low temps preserve the flavor and vaporize a very concentrated amount of oil. To vape effectively, oils require temperatures between 500°and 600° Fahrenheit, but you can go as high as 800 to 850° if you like denser clouds.

Tip #2. Start With Small Dabs and Small Hits

When dabbing, the general rule is to start with small dabs and do small dab hits until you can judge how strong the hit will be. If you're using a banger, it's easy to gauge how long your dab will take to vaporize. Just wait for the surface of the red hot nail to cool and inhale until it's all gone.

With a little practice, you’ll be able to take in more vapor than before and still get the same effects. Try not to leave stale vapor sitting in your oil rig—instead, use a smaller dab so you can get the whole thing in one go.

Tip #3. Cap Your Dabs

Efficiency is everything when it comes to using your dab rig, so start small and maximize your airflow. Using a carb cap can help you get larger hits than usual because it controls the airflow. It also helps smooth out the harshness of your dabs so you can get more out of them.

Figuring out how to use a carb cap can take some practice, but it’s definitely not too difficult. You want to cover the dab with your carb cap after you put it in your banger. Just wait for the dabs to melt down before you inhale. Then, pull slowly so you don't draw unvaped oils into the downstem.

Tip #4. Use Terp Pearls

A lot of people think that terp pearls are a waste of time and money, but they're actually awesome if you want to improve the flavor of your dabs. Terp pearls are made of quartz, a material that’s great for trapping heat.

The increased surface area helps flash vaporize more of your concentrates at once, giving you a potent, power-packed punch of planty flavor. To get even more out of your terp pearls, don’t forget your spinner cap

Tip #5. Clean Your Gear Every Time You Use It

Keeping your glass clean is essential for removing residual oils. Otherwise, you’ll experience a nasty aftertaste that can ruin an otherwise perfectly good dab. Not only that but keeping your rigs and nails clean will also help you avoid wasting concentrates.

You can use a cotton swab soaked in iso to wipe out the heating chamber after every dab. Try not to leave any leftover residue inside because it will only burn up if you heat it again. The residue also transfers heat, meaning it'll take longer to heat up your banger when it's dirty.

This process is much easier with a handy iso station. These stations have a basin for isopropyl and a storage bank for cotton swabs, allowing for quick and easy cleaning. The MJ Arsenal iso station also features a second compartment for dipping dirty swabs so you can keep your iso stores clean and pure.

And don't just clean the banger—maintaining your rig is important, too. Periodically inspect your downstem and the tubes that connect the water chamber to the banger for any residue or buildup. Check out our Complete Guide to Dab Rigs to learn more about cleaning methods that will make your rig sparkle.

Tip #6. Try Cold-Start Dabbing

If you're looking for an efficient method to get the most value out of your dabs, then try cold-start dabbing.

The cold start method simply means loading your concentrates into a cold banger before applying your heating element. Your concentrates will start to vaporize as soon as the banger reaches around 450°F and before it begins to turn red.

This means you'll be able to take your hits much faster since you don't have to heat your banger all the way and allow it to cool. MJ Arsenal has premium quartz cold-start bangers specially designed for this technique.


As you can see, it's easy to get more value out of your dabs when you use a mini dab rig. Just remember to start with small hits first and work your way up to larger ones if you feel like it. Once you master all of these techniques, you’ll be able to save money by wasting less oil.

Our new line of premium quartz bangers lets you take advantage of cold-start dabbing to get bigger, tastier hits every time. There are different styles available, each designed for a specific type of dabber. Check out our quartz collection to find the best fit for your setup.