The Benefits of Using Terp Pearls/Banger Beads

The Benefits of Using Terp Pearls/Banger Beads

The Benefits of Using Terp Pearls

With so many new dab accessories being introduced all the time, it can be hard to know what gear you should actually purchase and what is just another marketing gimmick. Rest assured, terp pearls are the real deal. You can use them to get more from your concentrates, making them worth the price.

Terp pearls, or dab gems, are a great way to get the most out of your concentrates. Their function offers several benefits: They're easy to use, don't require water, and work with any type of concentrate (not just oil). 

But not just that—they help keep your oil thinned out and moving to increase the surface area against the banger during your hit. Since they absorb some of the heat, they also help you achieve better temperature control for low-temp dabbing. And, to top it all off, terp pearls make your dab rigs look really appealing.

What are Terp Pearls?

Terp pearls are small, gem-like glass or quartz balls that can withstand high temperatures. They come in various colors, and some of them even have designs or logos etched into them. 

You can also find terp pearls made out of synthetic ruby or sapphire. These lab-grown materials are often called "dab gems," and they work just as well as quartz, while adding a touch of color to your banger.

Some other terms you'll hear as you search include:

  • Dab pearls
  • Dab beads
  • Banger beads

These mean the same thing, but people can get picky about the name, so it helps to have all of the information.

Terp pearls aren't exactly "new," per se, but they're a relatively uncommon accessory in most standard dab setups. Not everyone prefers to dab, and not everyone who dabs does it frequently enough that they pay close attention to their efficiency, taste, waste, and temperature control. 

However, if these sound like important priorities to you, dab pearls are an excellent way to get the most out of your concentrate.

If you ask around, a lot of dabbers still aren't familiar with the details of terp pearl products. This means you can help your friends learn how to maximize their concentrates with these new accessories. Plus, many people who haven't tried terp pearls yet are surprised to see how simple they are to use and how powerful they really are.


quartz terp pearls

How Do Terp Pearls Work?

Terp pearl products are made out of many different material options, but quartz is by far the most popular. 

This type of crystal possesses several unique properties that make it well-suited for dabbing. It's one of the most abundant minerals on earth, and it has a variety of practical uses. In particular, it's an ideal material for dabbing because it withstands high temperatures which means quartz terp pearls don't lose their ball shape or fracture.

Like quartz, gemstones like sapphire and ruby are solid minerals with a high melting point. These options are much rarer than quartz, so you'll probably see terp pearls made out of quartz more often than synthetic gems.

Terp pearls increase the surface area of your banger. A larger area means more contact with the substance you're trying to heat up. This improves the heat transfer which leads to a faster and more efficient dab.The spherical shape of terp pearl products increases their surface area even further than cubed or rectangular shapes. It also allows them to roll around the bottom of the dish and spread out the heat, which is especially helpful for materials like wax or budder.

Certain concentrates are naturally more viscous than others. Viscosity refers to the thickness and flow of a semisolid. For example, honey or syrup is thicker and more “viscous” than water or oil.Terp pearls help break down the viscosity of your extracts by increasing the surface area and speed of heat transfer. This makes dabbing with viscous extracts much easier and the process helps you to conserve your material.This is even more important when a substance has a high vaporization point and is viscous, which is an issue you may encounter with certain wax concentrates. 

Terp pearls enable you to find the perfect balance of heat and speed without pulling too fast and wasting any material or leaving it on the banger. If you live in an area where concentrates are quite expensive, this is good news because you don’t need to waste a drop.

Benefits of Using Terp Pearls

There are many benefits to using terp pearl products. Here are the top four:

Benefit #1: More Vaporization

Terp pearls help to increase the vaporization of concentrate, which means you don’t need as much of it to experience intense draws and this helps you to save money on concentrates. 

Another benefit is that they can help to prevent waste. The more heat there is in contact with the liquid, the more vaporized it becomes. If you have trouble taking larger puffs, then you can still experience a sufficient hit with less material. 

Benefit #2: Less Waste

Including terp pearls in your dab rig sessions increase the amount of hot surface area and push the concentrates around the banger. With low-temperature dabs, it can be difficult for your concentrate to vaporize enough just by increasing the temperature of the bottom of the banger.

This swirling motion created by the terp pearls provides additional contact with a hotter surface area so that there is a better chance of flash-vaping all of your concentrates before the banger cools down too much. Additionally, pearls retain heat inside the banger well, resulting in a longer window for maintaining high enough temperatures to vaporize.

Benefit #3: Better Flavor

Another benefit of using terp pearls is that they can help to improve the flavor and potency of your material.

Without pearls, it's much harder to flash vaporize your entire dab simultaneously, meaning it will vape unevenly. This results in flavor loss and harsher hits.

When you use terp pearls, more of the aroma and flavor from your oils are released into the air at once. This allows you to taste them much more clearly.

Benefit #4: More Customization

Before things get too technical, let’s just say that there’s no harm in dabbing in style. Terp pearls come in a variety of different colors, which allows you to customize your setup or add some flair to your session.

ruby terp pearl with spinner cap

When you're putting on a show for friends and family, it's nice to have something that stands out. Terp pearls are eye-catching and sometimes even match the color of your dab rig.

MJ Arsenal has transparent quartz terp pearls and lab-grown ruby terp pearls, so you can mix or match them with your favorite mini dab rigs.

How to Use Terp Pearls

Terp pearls are easy to use—you just add them to your bucket  before applying the flame and heat them up. Dab normally, and allow the pearls to cool fully before removing.

If you dab at low temps or you have very large terp pearls, you may want to add five to 10 seconds to your cooldown time before applying your concentrates. These extra seconds give your terp pearls additional time to heat up.

Your terp pearls work best when combined with a spinner carb cap. Spinner caps twist the air in a vortex shape as you inhale, causing your pearls to swirl around in the banger. This swirling action causes your pearls to roll around through all of the oil in the dish, which is especially helpful if you're taking a larger dab.

If you don't have a spinner carb cap, your pearls won’t spin. . And we don’t recommend that youuse your terp pearls without capping. This creates the risk of your pearls spinning out of the open dish while they're at a hot temperature which may also result in hot, sticky oils escaping the dish rather than vaporizing.

Three Steps for Cleaning Your Terp Pearls

You have to clean your terp pearls after every single session because they build up residue from the concentrates. If you don't clean them, this residue will begin to hinder their heat retention.

Step #1. Use a Tool to Immediately Remove After Dabbing

For best results, you should remove the pearls within a couple of minutes of dabbing. This is after they've cooled down a bit, but while they're still hot. A gem grabber or a pair of tweezers is the best way to do this—use one with a reinforced grip since the heat from the pearls may travel up the narrow metal rod.

Step #2. Soak the Terp Balls in Isopropyl

Submerge the terp pearls in isopropyl alcohol for a few minutes. This lifts off the sticky concentrates and makes the terp balls easy to wash. Your terp pearls pair well with the MJ Arsenal ISO station, a dedicated tool you can use for your iso cleaning.

Step #3. Wipe and Rinse

Once they've cooled down, you can remove them from the iso and clean them with a cotton swab. Rinse with water, dry, and they'll be shining like they're brand new.


These amazing little items can be your new favorite addition to your dabbing arsenal. Not only do they offer an entirely flavor-enhancing experience, but they also make it easy for you to take a perfect hit every time.

If you're looking for a tool that will allow you to improve your dabbing efficiency and experience, terp pearls are the way to go. Give the gift that's guaranteed to get a five-star rating from any dabber in your life.

MJ Arsenal's new accessory drop is on sale now and already selling out fast, so get your orders in for our new quartz or synthetic ruby terp pearls before they're gone.