Why is my Dab Rig Not Hitting

Why is my Dab Rig Not Hitting

So you've set up your dab rig and got some quality concentrates to dip into it. The problem is, no matter what you do, the draw you pull from your dab rig is nonexistent or doesn't cut it in terms of flavor and sensation.

You're left asking yourself, "Why is my dab rig not hitting?"

First things first, you should question the quality of the dab rig you're using — unless it's from MJ Arsenal's collection of fine-quality glass dab rigs. On the other hand, if you consider your dab rig up-to-spec, there could be several reasons it isn't serving you decent hits. Of course, that also means there are many solutions to consider.

To help you deal with this issue, below is a guide that lays out the different parts of a dab rig to check, a list of reasons why your rig isn't hitting, as well as a series of tips on how to improve your rig for improved hits.

The Parts of a Dab Rig

A fine glass dab rig from MJ Arsenal.

Before going into the issues your dab rig may have when it doesn't hit properly, it's a good idea to break down the different parts of a dab rig. This can help you figure out why you're getting poor hits, as a small problem in one part can really affect how the rest of your dab rig functions. Here are the key components of a dab rig:


The mouthpiece is where you place your lips to inhale vapor. It is usually at the top of the rig above the water chamber. Many brands, including MJ Arsenal, have an angled mouth to make it easier for you to reach down and pull a hit from whatever position you're in.


The water chamber, similar to those in water pipe bongs, is where the vapors from your heated concentrate are filtered and cooled. The water you store in it helps reduce the smoke to an optimal temperature for inhalation, making your pull easier and smoother to draw in.

Dab Nail/Banger

An essential piece of your dab rig is the dab nail — also called a banger. This is the part of the rig that attaches to your rig's downstem, which connects to the chamber.

After heating it up to the right temperature, you place your dab hit at the very top of the banger, where there is a small bowl.

Placing concentrate inside it while heated will cause it to vaporize so the smoke can be filtered through the chamber up to the mouthpiece.

Carb Cap (Optional)

Some dab rigs have a dome that fits over the dab nail to help trap the vapor and direct it into the rig's water chamber. Others use a carb cap placed over the nail to control airflow and create a low-pressure environment for better vaporization.


As mentioned before, the downstem connects the dab nail to the water chamber. It may come in various shapes and sizes, and it's where the vapor travels after being produced by the heated dab nail.

Reasons Your Dab Rig May Not Be Hitting

Now that we've covered what parts of your dab rig to check let's discuss reasons your dab rig isn't hitting. The two overall reasons are issues with how you use your dab rig and maintain it between sessions. These heavily affect any smoke experience, so be sure to consider them whenever any issues arise with your dab rigs.

That being said, here are some of the more specific reasons why you're drawing poor hits from your dab rig:

1) Too Much Concentrate

One reason you might be getting poor hits from your dab rig is that you are using too much concentration. This can produce a harsh smoke that ends with you having a coughing fit after inhaling it.

It can be a common issue with newbie dabbers and longtime enthusiasts alike, as different dabs can have different concentrations. In this case, use a dab tool to add small hits to your nail.

2) Too Little Concentrate

Another similar reason you may not be getting the best hit from your dab rig is that you're using too little concentrates. Heating your banger to red-hot temperatures will burn rather than vaporize a dab that is too small. This results in a pull that barely has any smoke for you to inhale.

3) Your Dab Rig Needs Cleaning

One dabbing session after the next can leave a layer of sticky resin and residue, along with dust and other contaminants, if you don't regularly clean it. This can block airflow and make it difficult to get a proper hit the more you use your dab rig.

4) Overheating Your Nail

A super hot nail is another potential reason why you are regularly getting poor hits. Even with a huge amount of concentrates in your banger, a too-hot nail will immediately burn it away, evaporating it so hardly any of the vapors reach your chamber.

5) Your Nail Is Too Cool

On the other hand, a nail that remains at low temperatures is also a reason you'll produce poor hits. Low temp means your dabs won't vaporize as much as you'd want, leaving you with a lackluster hit.

6) No Carb Cap

As said in the previous sections, different temperatures can lead to poor hits. So, how do you make sure your dabs are burned at the perfect temperature? Use a carb cap as well. This will regulate airflow and temperature, ensuring your dabs are heated evenly at just the right temperature.

Of course, many more problems result in poor hits from a dab rig, but the list above provides a decent checklist of issues you should first look for. Furthermore, improving how you use your dab rig can also ensure better quality hits, no matter the case.

Tips To Make Sure Your Dab Rig Hits Every Time

Simple changes can turn a poor dabbing experience into a great one — after all, dabbing really comes down to experimenting with differences in your concentrates, heating methods, and maintenance. Below are a few tips and tricks to making sure your dab rig serves the best hits in all your future dabbing sessions:

  • Balance the Heat You Use – Let the nail cool for a few seconds so it reaches the ideal temperature, quickly vaporizing your concentrates without burning them away. For better heat control, consider purchasing a quality butane torch.
  • Get an E-Nail – A pricey option for properly balancing heat is to purchase an e-nail, which provides you with even greater temperature control.
  • Buy a Higher-Quality Concentrate – Concentrates with a purer quality will definitely produce better-quality hits. Try one or two that you know are good and see if they produce results.
  • Keep a Balanced Water Level – Too much or too little water will improperly filter your dab vapors, producing poor hits. Find the right level for your specific dab rig and enjoy.
  • Use a Carb Cap & Dab Beads – As mentioned earlier, carb caps help retain temperature and airflow so your concentrate properly vaporizes. In addition, dab beads are stored within your banger, spinning around as you inhale to ensure your concentrates are evenly heated, providing even better quality hits.
  • Slowly Inhale – Some newer dabbing enthusiasts may not know they shouldn't treat a dab rig like a bong. While bongs may involve a quick rip as you draw in its vapors, dab rigs provide a more concentrated kick to their hits that require a slower inhale.
  • Clean Your Rig Properly – While the many different parts of a dab rig can make it look a bit overwhelming, dab rigs are often designed to be easily dismantled and cleaned.

Follow the essential tips above consistently, and you'll find hits in your next session to be significantly improved. Of course, the biggest improvement you can make is using a high-quality dab rig from MJ Arsenal, which is designed to offer style and performance for dabbing newcomers and aficionados alike.

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Dab rigs can be delicate instruments. It's important to understand its components in order to learn how to best maintain yours, as well as know what the issue may be when it doesn't produce the best hits. As long as you treat your dab rigs right, you'll enjoy full sessions without a hitch.

Moreover, make sure you have the best dab rig and accessories on hand by choosing your smoking tools from MJ Arsenal. Our bongs and dab rigs are made of 100% borosilicate glass, perfect for enduring high temperatures while heating the best dry flowers and dabbing. Check out our stock today and find your next favorite smoking tool.