Why Miniature Dab Rigs over Normal Sized Rigs?

You’ve just stepped foot inside of your favorite glass shop. Ahead of you is a plethora of dab rigs, all varying in color, size, and shape. Although the variety is unmistakably hypnotizing, many smokers usually face one small problem: Where do I begin? 

You could get a customized piece, or perhaps opt for something small and colorful. No matter what your style is, there are dozens of pieces you could choose from and make your own. But when choosing a dab rig, size is a good place to start. 

This leaves you with two options: Miniature dab rigs and standard-sized rigs.  

Although they have the same function, many people decide to invest in mini dab rigs because of their numerous benefits. Despite their compact size, mini dab rigs pack a tighter punch than their normal-sized counterpart. 

What Are Dab Rigs? 

Having made a splash in the early 2000s, dab rigs are relatively new to the market. This glassware is noticeably smaller than bongs, although they seem to share a similar shape and overall aesthetic features. 

However, when you get a little closer and compare the two, you can quickly see that dab rigs and bongs are not interchangeable at all. 

For starters, dab rigs are designed to smoke vaporized concentrated substances. Bongs, on the other hand, are used for smoking the actual flower or herbs. So, while they may look similar, their function is entirely different.

Many experienced smokers tend to prefer dab rigs for their more potent flavoring and quicker effects.

You can also choose from several shapes and sizes within the dab rig realm, and one of the best options are mini dab rigs. Only a few inches tall, mini dab rigs are significantly smaller. Ironically, these miniature pieces pack a large and potent punch on the dab rig experience scale. 

What’s the Difference Between Miniature Dab Rigs and Normal Sized Rigs?

Dab rigs are great glassware pieces for smoking because they offer a fuller experience, drag-free smoking sessions, and maximum flavor and potency. 

Even so, users can choose from two sizes: Miniature and regular. While miniature dab rigs and normal-sized rigs essentially function the same way, there are apparent differences in how they serve you. 

Difference #1: Potency

The most important reason that people use dab rigs is because of the concentrated potency. Users can achieve a more flavorful and effective taste using dab rigs compared to other glassware. What’s even better is that mini dab rigs are more compact, which means that they can elevate any smoking experience even further. 

Here’s how: Since mini dab rigs are considerably smaller, they have less space for smoke, vapor, and water to travel through. When it comes to dab rigs, less is more because less air equals more flavor, and more flavor means more potency. 

You can certainly get a better taste with higher potency using regular-sized dab rigs. However, if you’re looking for the best-tasting experience, opt for a mini dab rig.

Difference #2: Portability

If you’re new to using dab rigs, then portability might not be something you’ve yet considered—but it’s good to have a piece that’s quick to stow away and easy transport when bringing it to a smoke sesh with some friends. 

While regular size dab rigs can vary in size, mini dab rigs are considered “compact-sized” because they usually measure around 10 inches in height. A smaller rig means it’s easier to pack away, so you can store it or bring it wherever you’d like.

Difference #3: Price

Although you want the best of the best, price becomes an essential factor at some point. Dab rigs of any size are an excellent investment for any concentrate smoker, but it’s okay to be on the lookout for something of high quality that also doesn’t break the bank. 

Regular-sized dab rigs can range anywhere from $30 to over $100. Unfortunately, the cheaper the dab rig, the cheaper the quality. That’s why it’s good to look at getting a dab rig as an investment because you’ll have years of use with higher-quality glassware. Additionally, some dab rigs can reach up to $200 (or much more) depending on whether you’re getting a custom-made piece. 

Mini dab rigs, on the other hand, are smaller and are therefore less expensive. Many typical quality pieces only cost around $60. Plus, tools and accessories are cheaper: Since there’s less material required to manufacture accessories, like nails and cases, you can expect to pay less when stocking up for your smoking experience. 

Mini Rigs vs. Regular Rigs: Which Is Better?

So, which is better: Mini rigs or regular rigs?

Mini dab rigs are better because of their higher potency, portability, and lower prices. But perhaps the most critical selling point is that mini dab rigs draw out more flavor than other regular rigs due to their compact size. Remember, compact rigs mean less air and that results in more flavor on every pull.

Mini dab rigs are better equipped and designed to handle high potency concentrates and extracts, so if the quality of your flavor experience is essential to you, then mini dab rigs are a better option. 


When choosing between mini dab rigs and normal-sized rigs, it’s always a good idea to have at least one mini rig in your collection. Although smaller, these pieces function the same— arguably even better—than their regular-sized counterparts because of three significant factors: 

  • Potency. Mini dab rigs are small, which means they have less room for air. Less air means more flavor, and more flavor equals more potency. 
  • Portability. In this case, size isn’t everything. Smaller dab rigs mean better portability, which means that they’re easier to store away or transport when you want to take it somewhere else, like a smoke session with some friends. 
  • Price. Usually, smaller means less expensive—and this rings true with mini dab rigs too. Rigs of this size are typically under $100 and are still of high-quality with intricate designs. Quality regular-sized rigs, on the other hand, are well over $100. 
When you’re ready to add a mini dab rig to your collection, be sure to start with intricate, high-quality glassware that will last you for years to come.