Which Dab Rig Is Right For Me?

Buying your first dab rig is an exciting experience, but you also want to be sure that you’re making the right investment. That’s why it’s helpful to do some research beforehand. Your preferences will depend on material, your usage lifestyle, and the range of prices you’re comfortable with. 

First, it’s good to become familiar with dab rigs. This guide will cover important points, like: 

  • What types of dab rigs are there? 
  • Are small dab rigs better?
  • How tall should a dab rig be?
  • How do you pick a good dab rig? 

Let’s get right into it. 

Five Types of Dab Rigs to Choose From 

There are tons of dab rigs on the market, but different kinds have their own benefits and drawbacks. The most important ones are also the most common types that you’ll find in almost any glass shop. These include types like glass rigs, mini rigs, silicone rigs, recycler rigs, and e-rigs. 

Type #1: Glass

Glass dab rigs are among the most popular types of rigs you could buy. No matter which shop you walk into, chances are you’ll see dozens of glass rigs of all shapes and sizes. 

There’s a good reason for this: Glass rigs are made from borosilicate glass, which are designed to be strong, durable, and heat-resistant. This makes them perfect for beginners of any kind. 

This versatile and dependable rig is a perfect combination of quality and value while also offering a wide temperature range. Having the ability to control your rig’s temperature is especially helpful because if the nail gets too hot, then the vapor won’t taste right. 

Getting to the right temperature can be tricky when you’re using handheld torches, so this factor is appealing to many users. Glass rigs also offer the best flavor, especially if you’re using a mini glass rig. 

The downside: Glass rigs require frequent and vigorous cleaning depending on how often you plan to use them. 

Type #2: Mini 

Mini dab rigs can come in any material, but the most common ones are glass mini dab rigs. They are essentially just smaller versions of standard-sized rigs at under 7 inches tall. Mini rigs may be small, but they pack a punch with each hit and feature an intricate aesthetic.

Titan Mini Dab Rig

So, are small dab rigs better? This is subjective, but the fact is that mini rigs tend to have better hits. This small piece packs less air, which means more flavor—and lots of percolation. They’re perfect for smokers who prefer something simple, or perhaps somebody who doesn’t smoke very often at all. 

The downside: Mini rigs also typically require frequent and vigorous cleaning. However, their compact size also makes it harder to get clean with brushes and pipe cleaners. 

Type #3: Silicone

Silicone dab rigs are convenient, inexpensive, and work well with various glass and quartz accessories. 

Silicone rigs are durable, long-lasting pieces that can take a lot of wear and tear. The best part about these rigs is that they can easily be broken down for easy cleaning or even placed in the dishwasher. 

The downside: You’re bound to lose some flavor with each smoking session. If convenience and price are essential points, then sacrificing a bit of flavor with a silicone rig will be well worth the investment. 

Type #4: Recycler

Recycler rigs are unique because of their internal glasswork design, which offers the absolute smoothest way to take dabs every time. Recycler rigs are called as such because they “recycle” smoke through the percolator multiple times before it reaches you. That results in a  smooth, cool, and effective hit each time.

Claude Recycler Mini Dab Rig

Recycler rigs are typically made of glass, and they nearly always offer a very unique and cool interior aesthetic. Many users like how the smoke travels multiple times through the tubes as it finally makes its way through the mouthpiece. Aside from that, recycler rigs are unique, durable, and these strong pieces guarantee quality hits every time. 

The downside: Because of their intricate mechanism design, recycler rigs are usually more expensive than standard or miniature rigs. Plus, since the smoke gets recycled several times, you may lose some taste, which is not ideal for those who like exploring new flavors. 

Type #5: E-Rigs

Electronic dabs, or e-rigs, are portable, battery-operated rigs that offer superior temperature control. These rigs can be taken apart quickly for cleaning or packing, making them among the most convenient pieces on the market today. 

Because of their electronic capabilities, e-rigs are perfect for those who want something more flavorful than dab pens with a quick and easy heat up and ultimate temperature control.

The downside: E-rigs can be a challenge to clean, and you’ll also have to change the batteries every so often.

How Do You Pick a Good Dab Rig?

Now that you know the types of dab rigs you can choose from, how do you know where to go next? 

For many, picking a dab rig is like adding to a proud collection. That’s why choosing the proper dab rig is an important decision—and it all comes down to assessing your smoking habits, size preference, and style, and aesthetic. 

Tip #1: Pick a Rig That Fits Your Lifestyle

First thing’s first: Ask yourself how often you’ll use the dab rig. 

Are you a frequent user? Or do you use it more occasionally? 

Depending on your answer, you’ll want to choose a rig that fits your lifestyle. In other words, don’t choose a big custom rig if you won’t use it every day. Pieces like this are expensive and take a long time to make, so you want to be sure that you’ll get your money’s worth. If you don’t plan to use your rig that often, then a mini rig is a great place to start. 

On the other hand, if you are a frequent smoker, then think about what qualities are important to you. Taste, smoothness, and convenience are significant influencing factors, which means you can choose from glass, silicone, or e-rigs to meet your needs. 

Tip #2: Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Size is an important factor when shopping for your rig. So, how tall should a dab rig be? 

    • Standard rigs: 10 to 12 inches
    • Mini rigs: 7 to 8 inches
  • Customer rigs: Varying heights that can get much larger than standard rigs 
  • Sometimes, bigger isn’t always better. Mini dab rigs are small and convenient, meaning they’re easy to store away. Plus, mini rigs also have a better-concentrated effect, making for a more quality smoking experience every time. 

    Tip #3: Show Your Style

    The great thing about dab rigs is that aesthetics is an important point in every model. As soon as you walk into a smoke shop, you’ll notice a cornucopia of different sizes, shapes, colors, and intricate glasswork designs. But you can make your decision with ease if you stick to choosing a piece that meets your lifestyle and size needs—while also reflecting your personal style. 

    Some dab rigs are easier to accessorize than others. For example, glass rigs can be mixed and matched with tons of accessories, while silicone pieces are less versatile. However, silicone pieces also come in different colors and textures, which also offers tons of personality. 

    Recycler rigs are also popular because of how the smoke looks as it passes through the inner glasswork. For many, that experience alone is worth the extra cost in appearance and function.


    Buying the right dab rig is the most critical aspect of your smoking experience, which is why it’s essential that you choose what works best for you. Be sure to consider important factors, like: 

    • Your lifestyle preferences and how often you smoke
    • The size that makes the most sense to you
    • Your personal style and aesthetic

    From there, you can choose from glass rigs, mini rigs, silicone rigs, recycler rigs, and e-rigs. But if you still don’t know where to start, then maybe you could consider the perfect dab rig starter pack: The mini dab rig bundle kit

    This kit allows you to create your own bundle pack where you can choose your mini dab rig, your bucket size, and your carb cap—all of which guarantee quality from one of America’s highest-rated glassware manufacturers, MJ Arsenal.