Novelty Dab Rigs

Novelty Dab Rigs

Different dab rigs have different purposes, but there's a huge range in novelty dab rigs. Some make use of the complex percolation in a bong to diffuse smoke or vapor, while others rely on designs to enhance the visual intrigue of how the vapor travels through the rig. 

Novelty dab rigs can also be used for public events or for people who would like to use the piece as a conversation starter.

MJ Arsenal is at the forefront of innovative novelty glassware designs. Our focus is on making high-quality, functional products that are incredibly reliable and easy to use.

We don't just want our customers to have a great time dabbing—we also want them to feel comfortable and confident in the product they’re using every time they spark up.

There are a variety of novelty oil rigs for purchase out there, and if you're looking to get one, here's what you need to know.

What's a Regular Dab Rig?

As you'd expect, a regular dab rig is a simple, but elegant, water pipe for many smokers. But for people who are unfamiliar with glass dab rigs, there's a lot of confusion over what is and isn't standard.

Technically, anything that's intended to be used with concentrates can be called a dab rig.

But in practice, most people use the phrase to refer to rigs that are designed specifically with concentrates in mind—whether they're rigs, pipes, bubblers, or something else.

A great novelty rig is a simple glass pipe that's been given a twist to turn them into something unique. Novelty rig selections might include custom-made rigs like MJ Arsenal's limited edition Northstar collaboration series.

Novelty rigs can take a variety of shapes, from familiar water pipe designs to all-new accessories that have been designed from the ground up. If you're looking for something that's not only functional but also looks amazing, this is the category you want to be shopping in.

Good Vibes Make a Great Experience

It’s important to have good vibes when you're smoking out of a high-quality dab rig. This means being in a good mood and having positive thoughts. Not only does this make the experience more pleasant, but it also affects the way your dab rig functions.

When you're blazing, it's all about relaxing and enjoying the experience. That's why dabbing with interesting, unique, and shiny dabware can make the experience much more immersive. The best novelty dab rigs are made for that specific experience of smoking high-quality concentrates out of artistic and functional pieces.

When you're looking for a dab rig, it's important to find one that matches your vibe and style. If you want your session to have a certain feeling, the vibes need to match. The overall size and shape of the rig can have a huge impact on how it feels when you use it.

You still want a piece that functions well, but the novelty of your dab rig is a vital part of the experience. If you want to smoke concentrates any time you want and enjoy a special smoking experience, novelty dab rigs are the way to go.

How Different Features Add Style and Function

The different enhancements made to the glass can affect how it looks. The arms can be slender or thick, and some pieces have a splash guard. Any of these pieces can make a regular dab rig look more interesting while also improving the device’s function.

And since each additional piece of glass presents another opportunity to be creative, there are almost infinite possibilities for what a rig can look like.

The different features also affect the function of the dab rig. A splash guard, for example, will cut down on the amount of water that comes up from the bowl. This feature also makes it less likely to have a water spill while you're using the rig. Many shapes accomplish the same goal, so there's a lot of variety in form.

For example, the Claude mini dab rig has a more flat, mellow splash guard.

On the other hand, the Gemini mini dab rig has a very pronounced, regal-looking splash guard.

Many glass dab rigs make cool shapes out of the water chamber. This design can make it easier to clean your rig or give you a unique look when the water is bubbling. And when form meets function, it can be a lot of fun to use.

That was the goal behind the limited edition Rigloo mini dab rig. 

The Rigloo mini dab rig is a piece that's been shaped from the bottom up to give it a streamlined design, with a wide-based water chamber.

Inside that water chamber is an ice-cool igloo percolator that provides amazing airflow through the rig. It's extra-wide, making it easy to clean and also providing remarkable flavor and airflow for those big hits.

Colors and Styles

Most novelty dab rigs come in a variety of colors and styles. This variety makes it easy to find a piece that matches your personality and style. It's especially fun to find the perfect dab rig that represents something about your personality. For example, if you think of yourself as bright and bubbly, there are fun rigs with many pinks, purples, and other bright colors.

Limited Edition Apollo Northstar Dab Rig

There are also many off-the-wall color combos to choose from, whether it's a novelty piece or an everyday rig.

Top brands like MJ Arsenal release novelty rigs as limited edition color combinations which can be a good option for those who like to change up their rig every few months or years without getting too attached to one look. 

With limited edition novelty rigs, though, you have to move fast because these pieces often sell out quickly and never see the sales shelves again.

At MJ Arsenal, we've been celebrating artisan glassmaking with our limited edition artist series. These are unique designs from some of the best studio artists in glassmaking today. These artists have been blowing incredible clouds since long before dabbing was a trend, and their colorful glasswork is stunning in person.

If you're looking for a rig that looks unique and is easy to personalize, novelty dab rigs are definitely the way to go. With all of the different styles and designs available today, anyone can find something that works for them. And even if you already have an everyday dab rig that functions perfectly fine, it's always fun to switch it up.

Today's Hottest Novelty Dab Rig Trends

There are always new glassware options coming out, but novelty dab rigs are especially popular these days. They're a fun, unique accessory to add to your collection, and MJ Arsenal has great novelty rigs that can be used as everyday dab rigs.

So whether you want something offbeat or more reserved, our novelty dab rigs are perfect for anyone who loves oil.

Blunt Bubblers

At MJ Arsenal, blunt bubblers are a hot item right now. These rigs have a big water chamber and a long, tapered receiver.

The King Blunt Bubbler

Insert your joint or blunt to form a seal, and water bubbles in the chamber. A convenient carb hole on the side of the rig gives you total control over your airflow.

Terp Pearls

Given the high dab prices in many areas, smokers naturally want to conserve their products as much as they can. And that's where terp pearls come in.

Terp pearls increase the surface area inside your heated nail, letting you take bigger, more efficient dabs. They're reusable and easy to clean, and there's a terp pearl for just about every kind of banger design.

New Creations and Innovations

Every time a new innovation arrives on the scene, other manufacturers almost immediately pick it up. This helps promote new ideas to a wider audience and also makes for more competition in the industry.

Our newest novelty dab rigs are the perfect example of this. They combine ease-of-use with style and superior functionality to create a great experience for the user.

Vaping Rigs

Vaping rigs are a great way to add some style to your oil rig without sacrificing function. If you like flavorful, smooth hits that go down easy, these are the rigs for you.

Hydra VE Rig

MJ Arsenal Vape Edition rigs have specially designed downward-facing receivers for use with your favorite vape cartridges. Vape oils are a nice alternative to more potent dabs, and they're often more affordable than concentrates. We have vaping rigs with beautiful features like fab eggs and double ball percolators.

Fully-Fused Quartz

Buckets aren't all created equal. Some are much easier to work with than others, and that's why MJ Arsenal offers fully-fused quartz buckets in 10mm joint size for all of our rigs.

Premium Full-Weld Clear Quartz Bucket

These buckets have a fully fused quartz connection that adds an extra layer of strength and durability compared to ceramic nails or titanium nails. If you need a bucket that can handle some roughhousing, it's the perfect choice for you.


Sometimes the best dab rig for you is the one that you vibe with the most. If you're just dipping your toes into dabbing, take a look at what designs and features matter to you.

At MJ Arsenal, we're your trusted online headshop featuring innovative designs, mind-blowing functionality, and unique dab products that are affordable and durable. If you want to find the rig that you vibe with most, check out our limited edition dab rig collections, or read more about our coolest dab rigs on our blog.