How to Properly Store Dabs

How to Properly Store Dabs

Concentrates (also known as dabs) are a popular way to consume your favorite herb. 

But just because concentrates are popular, doesn't mean they're easy to store and preserve.

Cannabis concentrates

There are many different types of concentrate with varying storage needs, and knowing how to store them is crucial if you want to preserve potency and shelf life.

This guide will walk you through what you need to know about storing your concentrate collection so it's ready when you are!

What Are Dabs?

Different types of concentrates can be confusing for new users, so let's start with the basics. 

The word "dabs" is short for dabbing. It refers to the process of using high heat to run concentrates through a pipe and produce vapor that you inhale. The term “dab” also refers to the concentrates themselves.

How to Store Dab Concentrates Properly

Storing concentrates is easy, but each type holds different concentrate containers for short-term storage and long-term storage.

Generally, they all store best in a cool and dark place. Oilier concentrates like live sauce or wax are best kept in glass containers since they’re more airtight, helping to preserve their moisture and texture.

Silicone Wax Containers

You can keep sturdier, less-aqueous concentrates like shatter or crumble in a simple glass container. If you’re able to buy them, these usually come in wax-wrapped parchment paper and you can store them in an airtight container.


Budder is a form of concentrate processed using solvents such as butane or propane. It boasts a texture like butter, which is where it got the name.

Live Budder

When properly stored in an airtight container with no light exposure, the budder will last a long time without losing potency.

Live Sauce

Live Sauce is a type of concentrate produced by using sub-zero temperatures to preserve terpenes while low-temperature butane extraction is used to separate the active ingredients from the plant matter. 

The end product contains terpenes, but no inert plant substances, making it smell and taste like fresh, rich herb!

Live sauce needs very little care to stay potent without any degradation. Just keep it in a silicone container or small glass container, and it'll be nice and safe. Keep it in the fridge for best results.


Crumble is a form of concentrate processed using solvents such as butane or propane. It boasts a texture like baked cookie dough, hence its name.

Properly stored in an airtight container with no light exposure, crumble lasts up to six months without losing any potency. It may last longer, but most retailers label crumble with half-year expiration periods.


Wax is a form of concentrate processed using solvents such as butane or propane. It boasts a texture like candle wax, hence its name.

When properly stored in an airtight container with no light exposure, the wax will last up to six months without losing potency.

Because of its looser, oilier consistency, it loses potency faster than other concentrates, so be sure to use your dabs/wax as soon as possible.


Shatter is a form of concentrate processed using solvents such as butane or propane. It has a texture like hard candy that shatters like glass, hence its name. Because of its color and consistency, people commonly mistake shatter for wax.

If you store shatter in an airtight container with no light exposure, it will last for years without losing potency. Keep the concentrates folded up in some parchment paper inside the receptacle since it quickly gets sticky when you touch it with your fingers.

Live Sugar

Live sugar is typically made by taking fresh herb and packing it in an enclosed space (such as a tube), and producing pressure. The terps are then heated to release the vapors into the room before they're cooled down and condensed on contact with anything cold. 

Storing live sugar is easy because it doesn't require special containers. All you need is an airtight glass jar kept away from light, and it will last up to 6 months. For best results, keep refrigerated.

When using this concentrate, make sure you use an oil rig with a quartz, titanium, or ceramic nail—it's also common to mix it in with a liquidy or oily concentrate to avoid scorching the powder too quickly.


Diamonds are a form of concentrate processed using solvents such as butane or propane, before freezing. The final product features a texture like small diamond crystals.

Diamond Concentrate

You should plan to store diamonds in an airtight container away from light exposure and they’ll easily last up to six months without losing potency.

Note however that like crumble, diamonds may last longer. However, dispensaries typically label them for use inside of six months to a year, and it’s common to experience loss of potency after a few months.

Live Budder

Live budder uses a processing method that preserves the aromatic terpenes found in fresh resin. This makes it more flavorful and aromatic than other types of concentrates.

Store your live budder in a silicone container and keep it away from heat (in the refrigerator is your best bet). It should last up to a year without losing its potency.

Live Resin

Live resin sauce is one of the most exciting concentrates that you can dab. The liquid part, called HTE, contains high terpene content compared to other extracts. This profile makes it perfect for flavor seekers because its potency will enhance the taste. 

Store it in the fridge away from humidity or excess moisture, which can cause the raw material to become unusable over time. Also, plan to keep your concentrates stored in their original packaging until you’re ready to use them since exposure may affect potency levels.

Live Rosin

While it sounds similar to live resin (and it sort of is), live rosin is slightly different in that it doesn't require any chemical solvents for extraction

The process of making rosin starts with a flower and the use of heat and pressure to extract terpenes (which gives your flower its pungent aroma). 

To store your live rosin extract, make sure to keep it away from humidity or moisture, which could otherwise render it into a sticky, unusable mess. The refrigerator is a safe place that’ll maintain your rosin’s texture.

RSO & Syringe Oils

RSO stands for Rick Simpson Oil, and it's a form of alcohol-based tincture. Extraction uses a natural solvent like grain alcohol to strip desired chemicals from the plant.

This is very similar to syringe oils, which are liquid extracts made with various solvents and used in many different ways: vaporizers, edibles, etc.

To properly store your edible extracts, keep them sealed in an airtight mason jar or sealed food bag away from light and heat.


The best way to store your dabs is in a sealed glass container. If you don't have any, try to find a reclosable plastic container, a silicone jar, or something similar. 


It's important to remember that not all containers are created equal, so make sure whatever you use can withstand the pressure of heat and cold temperatures over time without breaking down — this will help preserve the potency of your extracts!