Mini Rigs: What’s Included With a Dab Rig?

Mini Rigs: What’s Included With a Dab Rig?

Many people who are new to mini dab rigs ask the same question: what’s included with a dab rig? Mini rigs aren’t like other kinds of water pipes. You can purchase them in various designs and colors, but they all come with the same basic parts. 

We also want to point out that the “mini” in mini-rig isn’t just about size. It also refers to the fact that the percolator is smaller than a typical bong percolator.

As you would expect, this smaller percolator causes the water to become more turbulent when smoke passes through it. The result? Smoother, more flavorful dab vapor.

Beyond that, there are a lot of options when it comes to buying a mini rig. Let's break down exactly what comes with a mini rig to help you find the perfect water pipe for you.

Why Choose a Miniature Dab Rig Over Other Types of Rigs?

When you use a miniature dab rig, the first thing you’ll notice is that you don’t pull as much air when taking a hit. This is a good thing because less air equals more flavor!

With the more restrictive airflow, you’ll taste more flavor from your concentrates. While the traditional oil rig requires a lot of air to provide you with all of that sweet, flavorful smoke, mini rigs can give you an excellent experience with less air.

Mini rigs are also much smaller and easier to store than larger water pipes and other types of dabbing setups. With more efficient use of space, you’ll have more flexibility in how your rig and dabbing gear looks and the experience you can create, which gives you a better chance of finding a setup that suits you perfectly.

Mini rigs also can be more affordable than other types of dabbing setups. Their smaller size makes them cheaper to produce, but they can still give you all the features you need for an excellent dab session. Basically, with a mini dab rig, you don’t have to break the bank to own an exquisite piece of glass. 

The hardest part about owning a miniature dab rig might be settling for just one. When you can appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into each mini rig and the distinct experience you can get from different designs, you’ll want to try them all!

The Different Pieces That Make Up the Rig

The pieces that make up a miniature rig are the base, body, mouthpiece, and banger. Every rig comes with these pieces, but some contain different types of percolators and chambers to give you a unique experience.

Manufacturers use a few different materials to make a dab rig, but glass dab rigs work the best.

Borosilicate glass is strong and temperature-resistant enough to withstand constant use. It is also easy to clean, which is vital for maintaining your favorite piece. Plus, it takes longer to let a quartz nail cool down, so you have a longer window of time to take your hit.

When it comes to percolators, the two most common types are disc and tree percs. The difference between them has to do with how the bubbles make their exit.

Disc percolators are similar to honeycomb percs. The bubbles come out of the holes in a circular pattern, allowing for more dispersion and thus more filtering. Tree percs, on the other hand, have fewer individual holes and allow for less dispersion, but they fit into tighter spaces.

Finally, you can't use your dab rig without a dab nail or banger. Bangers are made of different types of materials, including the classic ceramic nail, titanium, and quartz.

At MJ Arsenal, we include premium quartz bangers with all of our rigs. They're easy to clean with isopropyl alcohol, and they have fantastic heat retention properties. We also have a variety of bucket replacements, so you can use your rig for years.

What Comes in the Box

Every MJ Arsenal mini dab rig comes with the following components:

  • 10mm quartz banger
  • Mini rig with company logo (usually about 5-8” tall)


Many value brands won't include bangers with their rigs, but we like to include them because we want you to get the most out of your purchase. If you need a new quartz banger or a carb cap, we also have replacements available for purchase. Combined with our rigs, they provide an affordable dabbing experience.

You can buy a mini rig for a reasonable price and enjoy the same experience you get from a larger dab rig. We make it easy to find something that fits your preferences with several design options, including different colors and styles. 

MJ Arsenal Mini Jig dab rig


We even have a rig with a built-in dab container for storing your oils!

Essential Items You'll Need to Buy Separately

Right out of the box, your new dab rig doesn't have all of the necessary equipment for dabbing. These are the pieces you'll need, along with some of our recommendations:

You can't use your dab rig without a reliable torch or e-rig setup. This is because the quartz nail or banger must be heated either with an open flame or an electric dab rig in order for it to vaporize your concentrates. 

You need to use a torch for this process because it provides more heat than standard disposable lighters. With a torch as your heating element, you'll be able to heat your nail or banger in less than a minute. If you want faster heating, you can use an electric nail.

And don't forget—a butane refill is essential for powering your torch. You may need to refill your torch often, but refill canisters deplete slowly.

Dabbing, naturally, requires oil concentrates. If you want to smoke plant matter with your dab rig, you can easily convert it with a flower bowl.

And don't forget the dab tool! You'll need this to place your concentrate on the hot nail. Dab tools are heat-resistant, so you won’t burn yourself when using them. 

How to Find a Good Dab Rig for the Money

Finding the right dab pipe for your needs can be difficult. Choosing to buy a low-quality piece can lead to your nail hitting the side of the rig, which damages it and leaves you without a working banger.

On the other hand, buying a high-quality piece that is too expensive may leave you without money to buy all the gear you need to use it properly.

To avoid these problems, make sure you know what qualities make a great-quality piece.

First, you need to consider the materials used in the construction of your concentrate rig. One of the most common types of glass used in dab rigs is borosilicate glass. This type of glass is extremely durable. It is the glass of laboratory equipment. 

Another beneficial aspect of borosilicate is that it does not scratch easily—this means that you won’t need to worry about your rig becoming discolored or tired-looking after using it for an extended period of time.

You also want to look for rigs with reinforced glass parts, as they will last longer and provide you with a better smoking experience. A standard dab rig has a base and arms made of reinforced glass. If there is an extra piece connecting the arm to the base, it should also be made from reinforced glass.

Next up: bangers and nails. Not all bangers and titanium nails are compatible with every rig (and the same goes for electronic nails). At MJ Arsenal, all of our mini dabbing rigs work with 10mm quartz nails, so you always know what size banger you need.

However, other common sizes include 14mm and 18mm. If you try to mix and match your gear, make sure that your dab rig works with the nail or banger. If it doesn't, you can find glass adapters to connect different-sized pieces.

When it comes to percolators, bigger and fancier doesn't necessarily mean better. It is better to find a dabbing rig with one or two simple percolators rather than a complex design.

A large perc in the main chamber is ideal, but you should also consider whether or not you would like a perc that recycles the smoke from one chamber into another for extra cooling.

Avoid percolators with non-functional internal artwork, as it's unlikely that they will affect your smoking experience. The more glass pieces there are inside your rig, the harder it will be to clean.

To make your life easier, look for base-mounted percs with large holes like those found on the Royale or the Infinity. These percs are easy to clean, prevent spills, and provide excellent cooling.


A good dab rig is essential because it provides a safe, reliable way to smoke concentrates. With the right piece, you won't go through months of frustration as you try to find the banger that fits properly.

You also won't risk destroying your piece if you knock it over because of shoddy craftsmanship. And you'll be able to enjoy the best possible dabbing experience with every hit. 

The perfect dab rig setup doesn't need to be expensive—just good quality. And with MJ Arsenal, you can always count on quality.

Our mini dab rigs come in a variety of styles and colors, but they all have borosilicate glass construction with reinforced parts. They are ergonomically designed to be easy to clean and use, which makes them the perfect purchase for beginners and veterans alike.


Want to take the mystery out of figuring out what to buy with your dab rig? Check out MJ Arsenal Bundle packs. You get a borosilicate glass rig and all the essentials—a banger, carb cap, zipper pouch, and more. 


Then, if you want help learning how to use all your new gear, read our dab rigs guide and find out everything you need to know to get started.