4/20 and 7/10 - Smoke and dab holidays

4/20 and 7/10 - Smoke and dab holidays

420 & 710: What's With All These Numbers?

If you're a smoker, you've probably heard of 420 and 710. 

But do you know what they mean and why we mark these days? In this blog post, we'll break down the meanings of these terms and give you a little history lesson on how they came to be. Read closely: there are some fun facts about the significance of each number.

Let’s dive right in!

What Does 420 Mean?

The term "420" remains popular in the smoker culture today and it’s been around for decades — although its origins are somewhat unclear. Regardless of its origins, the term "420" has become synonymous with blazing community.

Some say a group of San Rafael high school students coined the term because they would meet at 4:20 pm to smoke. 420 also became known as the preferred hotel room number of the Grateful Dead on tour, though this may just be a rumor. Others claim it refers to the California police code for smoking. 

Every year, the date April 20th — also known as “4/20” — has become an unofficial niche holiday around the world. People gather to celebrate all things green on this day, from smoking and vaping to eating edibles and shopping for special gear.

Where Did 420 Come From?

There are many theories about the origins of 420, but the most popular one on Urban Dictionary traces it back to a group of high school students in the 1970s. According to legend, the San Rafael high school students would meet at 4:20 pm to blaze, and the code phrase quickly spread among their peers.

While there's no way to definitively know whether or not this story is true, it seems plausible given the timing. In the early 1970s, smoking increased in popularity among young people, and the use of code words and secret language was commonplace among counterculture groups.

As a result, it's not surprising that 420 became associated with greenery. In recent years, 420 has become an international phenomenon, with people worldwide using it as an opportunity to celebrate blazing culture.

What Does 710 Mean?

In the world of smoking, 710 refers to the consumption of oil, wax, live resin, or shatter. The term “710” is a code used by smokers. However, like the date “4/20,” the numbers also refer to the date of July 10th — or “7/10.” On this day, people consume concentrates to get the best possible high. 

Why 710? Well, because it's the word "oil" written upside down!

While some people use 710 as an opportunity to socialize and smoke with friends, others use it as a chance to get stoned in the privacy of their own homes. No matter how you choose to celebrate 710, one thing is for sure: it's yet another chance to come together and consume with friends.

420 & 710: Daily and Annually

For many people, 4/20 and 7/10 are special days that occur once a year to celebrate smoker culture. But you’re not limited to annual commemoration. Every day can be an opportune time – so a number of smokers opt to consume and enjoy daily at 4:20 pm and 7:10 pm. For some, this is simply a fun way to experience their love of natural smokeables. But for others, it has a more serious purpose. 

See, 4/20 and 7/10 are both dates associated with legalization efforts. By celebrating on a daily basis, enthusiasts hope to keep the momentum going and continue the journey towards full legalization. 

So whether you're enjoying a leisurely smoke at 4:20 pm or using July 10 as an excuse to eat your weight in edibles, remember that you're taking part in and contributing to a much larger movement.

So What Do 420-Friendly and 710-Friendly Mean?

420-friendly and 710-friendly are both terms that refer to smoking recreationally. 420-friendly means that the person is open to smoking plants, while 710-friendly means that the person is open to vaporizing concentrates

Both terms are used primarily in the United States, though other countries may also use these terms. The origin of the term 420-friendly is unclear, but it probably started in the early 2000s. The term 710-friendly likely originated in the late 2000s or early 2010s. 

Many people use the two terms in the same way, though some people may prefer one over the other.

Should I Do Anything Special for 420 and 710?

If you're a smoking enthusiast, there's no wrong way to celebrate dab day. Some people choose to smoke or vape, while others prefer to eat edibles. You can also wear green clothing or accessories, or decorate your home with green-themed items.

A new bowl or bong is always a great way to celebrate 420 and 710. There's no better time than the holidays to treat yourself to a high-quality smoking device. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or a beginner, there's something for everyone at 420-friendly and 710-friendly dispensaries.

Does 420 Still Matter Today?

The answer is yes — 420 still matters, now more than ever. While blazing is no longer taboo, there is still a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding surrounding the plant. 

420 provides an opportunity to open up a dialogue about smoking and dispel some of the myths. It also helps to raise awareness of the benefits of legalization and the need for further reform. 

In short, 420 is still an important day for advocates of reform. It is a day to commemorate smoker culture and to push for change.

Are There Any Other Smoker-Centric Holidays?

4/20 and 7/10 are considered by many to be the two most important days in the smoker's calendar. 4/20, of course, is the day when smokers around the world celebrate smoker culture, while 7/10 is known as "Dab Day," when enthusiasts enjoy concentrates and oils. 

However, there are plenty of other lesser-known holidays that are worth celebrating. For example, April 1st is "Rosin Day," when smokers enjoy solventless hash and rosin concentrate products. August 8th is "CBD Day," when CBD-rich strains are enjoyed for their calming effects. 

And every weekend, you can have yourself a "Shatterday" and take some potent oils on the go.

What's the Best Way to Consume for 420?

There are a few different options when it comes to consuming on 4/20. One option is to smoke, which is the most popular method. You can smoke with paper or a glass smoking rig.

Glass smoking rigs are a popular choice for 420, as they provide a cleaner and smoother smoke. You can get simple glass pipes that are easy to use and carry around, and these are often inexpensive and convenient pieces. Most smokers have at least one glass pipe handy for when the need arises.

Water pipes, however, take your smoking experience to another level. These larger pieces offer more filtration, resulting in a cooler and smoother smoke.

Cache Mini Water Pipe with built in storage

Cache Mini Water Pipe

They're also a great way to enjoy with friends. If you're looking for a more luxurious smoking experience, a water pipe is the way to go.

Smoking blunts is even more party-friendly, but the harsh smoke and intense flavors can be a bit much for some users. That's why blunt bubblers are on the rise.

The martian - first ever blunt bubbler

The Martian Original Blunt Bubbler

Blunt bubblers offer the best of both worlds, combining the smooth smoking experience of a bubbler with the convenience and portability of a blunt. They fit in the palm of your hand, and they have a special receiver piece for rolled papers, so they're welcome at any celebration.

For concentrate connoisseurs, there are a few different options. One is to dab, which involves smoking extracts with a special dabbing rig. This process involves heating up a glass bucket until it's red-hot and then dropping in the extracts. 

The vapor will quickly rise up through the rig and into your lungs. Glass dab rigs also feature water filtration chambers, which further purify and cool the vapor. This is a quick, intense way to consume extracts, and it's perfect for those who want an intense session.

Atlas Mini Dab Rig

MJ Arsenal Atlas Mini Dab Rig

There are also glass buckets, which come in a variety of different styles depending on how you like to dab. 

Fully fused quartz bucket

Check out our premium fully-fused quartz bucket collection to find cold-start buckets, drip buckets, and extra-large buckets for those extra-large dab sessions.

How Do I Find 420-Friendly Events Near Me?

There are a few ways to find 420-friendly events near you.

The first step is to search online for meetups or other gatherings that are specifically geared toward smoking. You can also try searching for general social events in your area that are likely to be tolerant of smoking. 

Finally, you can always create your own 420-friendly event if all else fails. Whether you’re hosting a movie night or a bake sale, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your favorite pastime in the company of like-minded people.

What Should I Bring to a 420-Friendly Event?

When it comes to 420-friendly events, there are a few things you should always remember to bring. First and foremost, you'll need to bring your own substance to smoke. Depending on the public celebration, there may or may not be people selling products, but it's always better to be safe than sorry. 

In addition, you'll need to bring something to smoke with. If you don't have a pipe, now's the time to stock up.

You'll also want to bring some money. Most events have a cover charge, and many also have vendors selling snacks, drinks, and other goodies. 

Finally, don't forget to bring your ID! Even if blazing is legal in your state, you still may need to show identification to get into a 420-friendly event.

A convenient carrying pouch is a great way to keep everything together if you're out and about with your gear. It's best to keep your stash in one discreet chamber that's padded and protected, so you don't have to worry about anything getting damaged.

MJ Arsenal padded zipper pouch

The MJ Arsenal Padded Zipper Pouch is perfect for carrying your stash anywhere. We've upgraded to a larger size with a snug fit to keep your rig and other smoking essentials safe and sound. The padded lining also helps to protect your belongings from any accidental bumps or drops.

How Do I Make Sure a Venue is 420 and 710-Friendly?

The first step is to check the local laws to see what the regulations are regarding smoking in public places. Once you've done that, you can start looking for a venue that allows smoking. 

There are a few things to look for when choosing a venue, such as whether or not there are designated smoking areas, whether the venue has good ventilation, and whether they allow vaping. 

You should also make sure to ask about the venue's policies on outside food and drink, as some venues may not allow guests to bring their own. By following these tips, you can be sure that your event will be a success.

What If I Can't Make It to a 420 or 710 Celebration?

While 420 and 710 celebrations may be the perfect opportunity to stock up on your favorite products, not everyone can make it to these events. Fortunately, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy yourself without attending a crowded party. 

When you're blazing at home, it's the perfect time to enjoy more extravagant dab gear or even electronic rigs. An electric dab nail isn't as portable as a pen, but it's the perfect way to get exactly the right temperature for your dabs. 

The G-Pen Connect is a simple, easy-to-use dab nail that heats up in seconds.

G pen connect & Titan mini dab rig e-nail bundle

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It has a built-in ceramic heater, so you don't have to worry about using a torch, and you can get it as a standalone or in a bundle with one of your favorite MJ Arsenal dab rigs.


Whether you're celebrating 420, 710, or any other day, there's no reason you can't enjoy your favorite herb in the company of friends. By following these tips, you can be sure that your event will be a success. And if you can't make it to a party, don't worry - there are plenty of ways to enjoy your herb at home.

Start off by picking up the MJ Arsenal Padded Zipper Pouch to discreetly carry your stash and the G-Pen Connect to enjoy some amazing dabs at home. Both items work flawlessly with any MJ Arsenal mini dab rig. Get them today, and be prepared for your next event.