10 Tips for Dab Rig Etiquette

10 Tips for Dab Rig Etiquette

Dab Rig Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know

Dab rigs have a few essential parts that you need to know how to use, or else you're likely to find yourself in some awkward social situations.

They're expensive pieces of glassware, and it's important to respect them. It's challenging to know what you should do when you pick up a dab rig for the first time because there isn’t a lot of formalized instruction about how to use one.

To solve this problem, here’s an introduction to dabbing etiquette. Learn the ropes and you’ll be able to avoid embarrassing moments.

Rule #1: Don't Treat Dabbing Like Smoking Flower

The first rule of dabbing etiquette is not to treat it like a smoking flower. Concentrates are much more potent and should be treated with more caution than you would use just smoking plant matter.

Don't be "that guy" by taking too big of a hit, don't take too many hits in succession. You also want to make sure that you're using your equipment responsibly. The last thing you want when trying to have fun is to get overwhelmed by an experience that's too powerful.

Rule #2: Keep Your Dabbing Space Clean and Tidy

While dabbing isn't the same as smoking flower, it can still require clean-up.. To protect your rig and equipment from build-up and residue, make sure that you're keeping your dab station clean and tidy.

You should also keep parchment paper, disposable rags, and some isopropyl alcohol on hand for quick cleanup. Even better, you can get an MJ Arsenal dab mats to control any mess and make cleanup a breeze.

Rule #3: Clean Dabbing Glassware and Accessories After Every Use

Dirty nails make for dirty hits, and it's a lot harder to hit when there are contaminants on the dab nail itself. If you have your isopropyl on hand, you can keep it ready with a cotton swab when using MJ Arsenal's miniature ISO stations. After you dab, immediately clean your dabbing tools when the rig cools.

MJ ISO station

If you aren't familiar with the procedure for cleaning your dab gear, read our Complete Guide to Dab Rigs to learn everything you need to know.

Rule #4: Wash Your Hands Before Handling Dabs and Glassware

It’s so important to wash your hands before handling dab rigs and glassware. Dirt, oils, or other substances on your fingers can stick to the surface of the rig or glassware and build up over time, creating a film that is difficult to remove.

Rule #5: Handle Dabbing Concentrates With Care

Dabs are sticky, and if you drop them on your carpet or couch, they can leave a stain that is impossible to remove. Even if you get the dab unstuck from your upholstery, lint or dust from the fabric will cling to the sticky concentrates. To avoid this, use a dab tray or dab mat to keep concentrates off of your surfaces.

Dabs are expensive too. You shouldn’t ruin them by getting dirty with lint and dirt. So, MJA’s dab mats can  make handling concentrates easy, preserve your dabs, and protect your furniture all at once.

MJA dab tray

Rule #6: Exercise Care With Hot Glass and Accessories

Glass rigs and accessories can get very hot, so be sure to handle them with care. It's important not to touch the rig until it has cooled down enough for your skin to withstand the heat without getting burned. This can take 10 to 15 minutes, though it could be longer.

Bubble carb cap

Your nail, carb cap, and dab tools all may be hot as well, so be careful that you don't accidentally burn yourself. If someone else's nail or dab tool is too hot to handle safely, ask them to use a fresh one when it's your turn.

Rule #7: Keep Glassware in a Safe Spot During Use

While nobody's using the rig, you should keep it in a safe location.

Be sure to place it somewhere where no one can trip over it or bump into it while passing by, and always exercise caution when moving it around during use.

Accidentally dropping your rig can break the piece and cause nasty spills.

Rule #8: Hold Glassware by the Base

When using glass rigs, it's a good idea to grab hold of the rig by the base or handle rather than the mouthpiece.

Not only is touching the mouthpiece unsanitary, but you're more likely to drop the rig if you lose your grip. When you're taking fat rips of potent concentrates, you never know when a coughing fit might strike—you don't want to drop the rig because you weren't holding it correctly.

Rule #9: Let Your Friends Help You

A dab rig isn't the easiest thing to handle by yourself, so don't be afraid to ask if you ever need help from a friend.

If you're new to dab rigs, you might have an easier time by letting your more experienced friend heat the nail for you to achieve proper low-temp dabs.

As a seasoned dabber, you might have more success getting massive hits by taking the reins and heating the nail yourself.

Either way, working in tandem with someone else is a great way to get the most out of your dab rig experience.

Rule # 10: Set an Example by Being a Good Dab Buddy

A good dab buddy knows how to handle a rig and is willing to care for their glassware.

So, if you want your friends or guests to treat your gear with respect when they're over, set an example by cleaning up after each dab session and putting away all glassware so it's not in the way.

Demonstrate your respect and friendliness by being a good dab buddy. Pass on the torch to your friends, and set an example for fellow dab enthusiasts.


If you want to have a good time with your friends, take good care of your dab rigs. Keep things clean and be careful, and your dab sessions will flow smoothly. The bottom line is that everyone in your group can enjoy an excellent dabbing experience simply by following some basic rules for using glassware properly.

Using a convenient miniature dab rig can also make the experience much more manageable. They're more affordable and easier to store safely, making them the perfect choice for a group dab sesh.

You can follow rule #10 by being equipped with the best glassware for friends to share, so pick up a stylish MJ Arsenal mini dab rig before they sell out again.