How Much Water to Put in a Bubbler

How Much Water to Put in a Bubbler

When it comes to enjoying the good green herb, water pipes are the preferred choice of smoking device for many. There is something special about the blend of harsh heat and cool, bubbling water that makes the smoking experience all the more scintillating.

However, it can get troublesome to carry a large bong or hookah around. Instead, MJ Arsenal offers an impressive collection of bubbler pipes — a striking variation of dry and wet smoking pipes that are easy to carry and assemble wherever you may be.

Enjoy your ideal smoking experience with glass bubbler pipes from MJ Arsenal, but not without knowing how much water to put in bubbler pipes like our original "Dubbler" double bubbler pipe.

Below, we detail what a bubbler pipe is, why the amount of water it contains is important, how to determine the amount you should fill yours with, and more.

What is a Bubbler Pipe?

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A bubbler pipe is a hybrid between a dry pipe and a water bong, and MJ Arsenal has a unique selection of bubblers, each with its own special designs and features for you to enjoy.

With the right glass bubbler pipe from MJA, you get a small, portable smoking device that delivers smooth, filtered smoke wherever and whenever you're in the mood for a good smoke.

Like bongs, bubbler pipes are made up of components that each serve a function that ultimately develops your bubbler's unique smoking experience. These components include:

  • The Bowl - the piece where the herbs are packed and lit.
  • The Stem - the piece that connects the bowl to the mouthpiece and sends smoke up from the water chamber.
  • The Carb Hole - a bonus feature of some bubbler pipes, this hole can be covered with a stopper or covered by a finger when lighting your herb. Then, as you inhale, you can release it, allowing the smoke to be replaced with new air in the water chamber.
  • The Mouthpiece - where you place your mouth to inhale the cool and filtered smoke from the water chamber.
  • The Water Chamber - the piece where you store water that will vaporize smoke from your herb before being inhaled.

As the most crucial piece of the bubbler and the main topic of this article, the water chamber has a significant effect on your smoking experience, particularly in the amount of water you pour into it when starting up another smoke session.

Why How Much Water To Put in Bubbler Pipes Matter

Knowing how much water to put in bubbler pipes is vital to ensuring you consistently have an enjoyable smoke experience. Here are some ways to consider how much water is right for your bubbler:

The Balance of Water Level & Airflow in Your Water Chamber

Water acts as a filtering agent for your smoke, taking the tar and other particulate matter from it and trapping them within the water, allowing you to draw a smoother and more satisfying smoke.

However, the amount of water inside the water chamber can disrupt this part of the smoking process. If there isn't enough water, the smoke will end up less filtered, making it rougher and more difficult to inhale.

On the other hand, if you add too much water, the airflow allowing the smoke to pass from the bowl, through the water chamber, and up the stem to the mouthpiece will be restricted.

This can lead to water splashing from the mouthpiece and an overall undesirable smoking experience.

The Cooling Effect & Drawback of Bubblers & Water Pipes

The amount of water in your bubbler pipe, or any type of water pipe, affects another vital element of the smoking experience — temperature.

If you fill the water chamber with the right amount of water, the liquid will help cool the smoke as you inhale. This cooling effect, in addition to filtering your smoke, will create a mellow draw from your bowl pack.

However, too much water also tends to cool the smoke more than desired, potentially taking away the flavor and strength from your next hit. Have the correct water level in your bubbler pipe chamber, and you'll enjoy your next bowl to the fullest.

The Taste & Feel When Using the Optimal Amount of Water

Simply put, having a bubbler with an adequately filled water chamber will give you a pleasant smoke experience.

An optimal water level will draw in a soft smoke that will feel light as you inhale it yet provide every bit of euphoria you desire.

You also won't lose the pure taste of the herb, as the precise water level you need will preserve its flavors for you to savor.

If you want to have a nice, chill smoke session with a bubbler pipe, there are two things you should make sure to do. First, fill up your bubbler with the right amount of water. Second, use a high-quality bubbler pipe from MJ Arsenal, made with premium glass and designed to give you the best possible smoking experience every time.

The Right Amount of Water To Put In Your Glass Bubbler

right amount of water in a glass

So, how much water is the right amount to put in your bubbler? That depends on a few things. The "right" amount is different from one bubbler to the next because of how different each one is in size, shape, and design — especially for MJ Arsenal's broad assortment of fine glass bubbler pipes.

Here are a few rules of thumb to remember when filling your bubbler pipe:

Make Sure the Stem is Submerged

The bottom end of the stem or downstem, which leads from the bowl to the mouthpiece, should be submerged in water. Typically, the stem should be submerged by about 1/2 to 1 inch (1.25 to 2.5 cm) for optimal function. This depth ensures proper filtration and cooling of the smoke as it passes through the water.

Observe Your Bubbler's Design

Another element that can affect how much water to put into bubbler pipes is the particular shape and design of the one or many bubbler(s) you have. Some bubblers have unique designs or additional percolators that require a slightly different water level than others. Take the specific design of your bubbler into account and ensure you always have the right level of water in the chamber for a smooth, easy smoke experience.

Fill, Test, Rinse, Repeat

Finally, a surefire way to get the right water level in your bubbler's water chamber is by filling and testing its airflow. After adding water, take a dry pull without lighting anything. Check if the airflow feels clear and unobstructed. If there's too much resistance or if water gets into your mouth, adjust the water level accordingly. Test out different water levels enough times, and you'll eventually find the perfect amount to pour into your pipe.

Maintaining & Cleaning Your Glass Bubbler

After you use a bubbler to enjoy a nice, relaxing smoke, make your next hit just as good by giving it a proper cleaning. Here are the essential steps to cleaning and maintaining your bubbler pipe:

  • Disassemble your bubbler (if possible).
  • Rinse your bubbler or its pieces in warm, clean water.
  • Then, place them in a bag and soak the components in salt and isopropyl alcohol.
  • Leave the bubbler for four or five hours so the cleaning solution dissolves any leftover resin and other smoke byproducts.
  • Remove the bubbler from the bag and place it on a flat surface, preferably on top of a folded towel.
  • Use pipe cleaners or Q-Tips to clean the down-stem and other hard-to-reach spots in and around your pipe. The more thorough you are, the cleaner your bubbler will be in the end, which is ideal for the next time you smoke up.
  • Give the bubbler one last deep rinse, then set it or its pieces down to dry on a safe, flat surface.

Regularly cleaning your bubbler will ensure you get the smoke experience you desire every time. As the saying goes: take care of what's yours, and they'll take good care of you.

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