Picking Out a Glass Bubbler

Picking Out a Glass Bubbler

If you're looking for a smoking device that delivers smooth hits, look no further than glass bubblers. Glass bubblers are one of the best ways to smoke dry herbs because the glass filters and cools the smoke, resulting in a smooth, flavorful puff.

There are many reasons to use a bubbler over other methods of smoking dry herbs. If you're thinking about switching to a bubbler, consider the following benefits before making your purchase.

What Are Glass Bubblers Used For?

Glass bubblers are mainly used for smoking flowers, rather than concentrates. The small size and portability makes them perfect for smoking practically anywhere. A bubbler will also provide smooth, flavorful hits that are much easier on the lungs than a dry pipe.

Bubblers work similarly to water pipes since they both cool the smoke before it reaches your lungs, resulting in a smoother cloud of vapor. The primary difference is that bubblers are smaller pieces that can fit in one hand, while water pipes are larger and take both hands to use.

How Much Do Glass Bubblers Cost?

Glass bubblers are generally less expensive than water pipes, which makes them perfect for smokers on a budget. There's no need to buy an expensive bubbler when many high-quality pieces are available for under $50. 

Not only is a glass bubbler more affordable, it also doesn't require as much knowledge about water pipes. You can easily pick up a bubbler and learn how to use it without having to study the parts or purchase numerous accessories for your bubbler water pipe.

MJ Arsenal's unique bubblers offer superior water filtration at a fraction of the price compared to other glassblowers. You can add a glass bubbler to your collection without breaking the bank, so there's no reason not to add one into your rotation.

Do Bubblers Work as Well as Full-Sized Water Pipes?

Many smokers agree that bubblers are better than full-sized water pipes. Bubblers provide smooth, tasty hits of dry herbs with less effort—you can easily pass a bubbler around between friends without having to worry about clearing the chamber.

Bubblers help you take smaller, controlled hits. Water pipes offer big, fat rips, and there's plenty of reason to enjoy them. But not every smoking session calls for a big cloud. Many smokers prefer to take smaller hits when they have somewhere to be rather than taking one long hit (when they have the time to sit back and relax).

How Do You Smoke Out of a Bubbler?

Smoking out of a bubbler is very easy. Just pack your dry herbs into the bowl, and light them up as you inhale. The smoke will travel through the stem and into the water chamber, where it will be filtered and cooled. Bubblers usually have a carb, which you can release after lighting your dry herbs to cool the hit further.

Just like smoking out of any other regular glass pipe, it's best to hold on to both parts of the bubbler firmly as you take your hit. And since they're smaller, bubblers are a bit easier to tip over. Make sure your bubbler is on a flat, clutter-free surface when you set it down.

What Are the Different Kinds of Bubblers Available?

There are a few different types of bubblers available on the market. The most common type is the downstem bubbler, which features a stem that goes down into the water chamber.

This type of bubbler is easy to use and is perfect for smokers who are new to using a bubbler.

Another popular type of bubbler is the recycler bubbler. Recycler bubblers have a built-in recycling system that filters the smoke and water multiple times for extra-cool, smooth hits. If you're looking for a top-of-the-line bubbler, a recycler is the way to go.

There are also mini bubblers which are small, portable pieces perfect for taking on the go. You can also get bubblers that are adapted for use with concentrates, vape carts, and even blunts.

What Types of Materials Are Used to Make Glass Bubblers?

Most glass bubblers are made from thick, high-quality borosilicate glass. However, some budget bubblers are made from less expensive glass materials. While these pieces may be more affordable, they're not as sturdy and tend to break after a few uses.

At MJ Arsenal, all of our glass bubblers are made from laboratory-grade borosilicate glass. Our bubblers are crafted by skilled glassblowers and undergo rigorous quality control procedures to ensure they're free of defects and made to the highest standards.

Will I Need Additional Equipment to Use My Bubbler?

You won't need any additional equipment to use your bubbler. Bubblers are ready-to-use right out of the box and don't require any extra accessories or parts. Of course, you'll need a lighter to spark the bowl, your favorite plant matter, and some water to fill the chamber. With this, you're all set.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Bubbler?

There are several benefits to using a bubbler. Bubblers provide smoother, tastier hits of dry herbs than other types of pipes. They're also easier to use and perfect for smokers who are newer to smoking. The cooler, lighter feeling on your lungs helps newer smokers get used to the sensation of inhaling.

Bubblers also help you take smaller, more controlled hits. This way, you can enjoy your favorite dry herb strain without getting overwhelmed or saturating your palate. And since bubblers have a built-in filtration system, they help cut down on gunk, so you don't have to clean up as often.

How Do You Clean a Glass Bubbler?

With a little shaking and scrubbing using hot water, you can keep the glass on most bubblers clean. However, if you want to give your bubbler an extra deep cleaning, fill it up with high-purity rubbing alcohol and leave it to soak for at least an hour. Pour off the alcohol and rinse well before use.

The best way to keep up with your bubbler's cleaning routine is to get in the habit of rinsing your bubbler out after every use, preventing leftover resin from building up. If you're using a recycler bubbler, make sure to empty the filter chamber after every use.

What Is a Dry Pipe?

A dry pipe is a smoking device that does not use water. When smoke is inhaled, it passes through the short pipe and into the user's lungs. Dry pipes can be made from anything, including wood, metal, silicone, or glass.

Dry pipes are popular because they're incredibly simple and versatile. This means they're affordable, and you can get them almost anywhere. They're easy to stash and conceal, and they provide a quick hit when you need it. Dry pipes are the classic go-to choice for many smokers, especially when there's no water source handy.

Which Is Better - A Dry Pipe or a Bubbler?

There are pros and cons to both dry pipes and bubblers. Bubblers provide smoother, cooler hits and are easier to use than dry pipes. They're also perfect for smokers who are new to smoking. However, bubblers can be more expensive than dry pipes, and they can be a bit harder to clean.

Dry pipes are simple and affordable, and they're perfect for smokers who need a quick hit on the go. However, they don't provide the same level of smoothness or coolness as bubblers. They can also be difficult to clean if resin builds up which happens quickly without any filtration.

Where Can I Buy a Glass Bubbler?

You can find a glass bubbler at MJ Arsenal for an affordable price. We sell high-quality, borosilicate glass bubblers for all of your smoking needs. Our specialty blunt bubblers are perfect for sharing with friends, and they're among our most affordable glass pipes.

MJ Arsenal also has an extensive catalog of water pipes, dab rigs, and accessories. We ship quickly and discreetly to customers across the country, and you'll enjoy free shipping on any order over $50.

What Are the Different Types of Bubblers Available?

MJA has a unique catalog of bubblers, offering different styles and designs for specific purposes. Here's a quick rundown of our bubblers and what you can use them for:

Classic Herb Bubblers

Our classic herb bubblers are perfect for any smoking session, and they're made from high-quality borosilicate glass.

Our classic bubbler pipe features a built-in bowl and carb that allows you to control the airflow into your pipe.

Blunt Bubblers

Blunt bubblers have a special receiver joint that's designed to fit joints and blunts.

This means you can enjoy enormous rolls with friends with all the benefits of a water pipe, but without all the added bulk.

Vape Bubblers

Our vape bubblers allow you to transform your vape pen into a water pipe.

They feature a special receiver joint that fits almost any 510 vape cart, and they function exactly like our blunt bubblers with the benefits of built-in filtration and cooling for a smooth hit every time.

The Dubbler

The Dubbler double blunt bubbler is a sleek, portable bubbler with two blunt receivers.

Double bubblers are perfect for sharing when you have more smoke than you know what to do with. Now you can enjoy fatter rips than ever before without overstuffing one roll.

What Liquid Works Best in a Glass Bubbler?

Water is the best liquid to use in a glass bubbler. It's the most natural and provides the smoothest hits. While you might see people smoking with other liquids, it's not advisable. Other kinds of liquid can cause your bubbler to clog quickly and can be difficult to clean.

Can I Use Ice in My Glass Bubbler?

Handheld glass bubblers like the sherlock bubbler are generally too small to have ice catchers. Some large bubblers use ice catchers, but it's not recommended for smaller bubblers. Water pipes are more suitable for smoking with ice.

The best thing you can do is change the water in your bubbler before each session. This way, you can always fill it with freshly chilled water to enjoy a smooth, cooling hit.

Are Glass Bubblers Good for Traveling With?

Glass bubblers are a great choice for traveling smokers. They're compact and portable, and they don't require any additional liquids to function. All you need is water, and you can find a source of water in most places you go. However, keep in mind that glass bubblers can be fragile, so you'll need to take care when packing them.

Should I Buy a Blunt Bubbler or a Traditional Bubbler?

It all comes down to personal preference. Some smokers prefer the classic bubblers, while others are drawn to the convenience of blunt bubblers. Blunts are perfect for smoking in large groups, but a large group might include several smokers who prefer glass with water filtration.

Blunt bubblers give you the best of both worlds, and that's why they're popular among veteran smokers and beginners alike. If you plan to share your herbs with several people, we recommend a blunt bubbler.

How Often Should I Change the Water in My Bubbler?

Bubblers tend to get dirty faster than other water pipes because they're so compact. Blunt bubblers are even more prone to grime because they're designed to use with paper rolls that leave behind lots of residue.

This means you should clean glass bubblers after every use. The build-up of residue can affect the taste and quality of your smoke, so it's also important to change the water in your mini bubbler before each session so you can enjoy a fresh, smooth hit every time.

Do Bubblers Have Percolators?

Since bubblers are often so portable, they don't have percolators. At MJ Arsenal, our bubblers have slotted downstems and tiny puck percs to take advantage of percolation even in a tiny package.

How Long Can I Expect a Glass Bubbler to Last?

When cared for properly, a glass bubbler can last for years. The lifespan of a bubbler is largely determined by how well you take care of it, so be sure to clean your bubbler after every use and store it properly between sessions.

Dropping them, especially onto hard surfaces, can cause the glass to break or chip. This means you should always handle your glass bubbler bongs with extra care when packing them up for traveling.

During cleaning, be sure to avoid harsh scrubbing with abrasive chemicals or brushes which can wear down the glass. And never, ever use cold water to cool off a piece of hot glass—always let hot glassware air-cool at room temperature to protect the integrity of the glass.

Can Pipe Screens Be Used in a Bubbler?

For the most part, it's a matter of personal preference. Some smokers prefer to use a pipe screen in their sherlock bubblers for an added level of filtration, but others find that it restricts airflow and diminishes the overall experience.

Pipe screens make it easier to clean out a bubbler since you can lift them out of the bowl, but they may also restrict airflow and make it more difficult to clear a bubbler's chamber during your hit. As long as you're cleaning your piece after each session and wiping off the screen, this won't be a problem.

What Design Elements Should I Look For When Buying a Bubbler?

As with any glass water pipe, choosing a bubbler that appeals to your sense of style is important. At MJ Arsenal, we offer bubblers in a wide range of colors and styles, so you're sure to find one that reflects your tastes perfectly. Here are a few of the things we've found to be the most important to crafting a great bubbler:


Bubblers are supposed to be compact and portable, but not all of them are. Some bubblers have a huge footprint while others are undersized, so the first thing you should look for in a bubbler is a compact design that's easy to carry around with you wherever you like to smoke.

Shortest Tubing Possible

For portability, you'll want to choose a bubbler with the shortest tubing possible. If your bubbler has longer like a "hammer bubbler" or larger tubing than necessary, it's more likely to break during use or cleaning.

Wide Water Chamber

Water chambers should be as wide and deep as possible to give your bubblers a smooth, enjoyable flow. The wider the chamber, the smoother the hit you'll get. At MJ Arsenal, our bubblers have extra-wide water chambers for an especially pure, satisfying experience.

Stable When Free-Standing

The best water pipes are sturdy and stable when you set them down on a flat surface. If your bubbler wobbles or tips over whenever it's standing on its own, you'll have a hard time enjoying it at home or anywhere else.


A glass bubbler is the perfect companion for smoking at home or on the go, but it's important to do some research before you buy one. At MJ Arsenal, we offer a number of quality bubblers with all the features smokers need to enjoy great hits every time.

Now that you're ready to decide, choose your favorite MJ Arsenal bubbler on our collections page. Our selection includes some of the finest glass bubblers available anywhere, so you're sure to find something that will change your smoking experience for the better.