Best Ways to Pack a Water Pipe Bowl or Flower Bowl

The Best Ways to Pack a Bowl

Whether you are a seasoned smoker or just looking to try something new, packing your herb in a pipe or bowl correctly is crucial for comfortable consumption. In addition, the type of bowl that you pack in can change the taste and effects during consumption.

In this article, we will discuss how to grind up — and the right way to pack a bowl properly — if you’re looking for maximum flavor and effect. We'll also talk about some different types of bowls and how you should pack them for optimal results!

Three Tips to Follow Before You Blaze

Tip #1: Pick Your Smoking Device Wisely

Before lighting up for the night, take a moment to decide which type of pipe is best suited for your smoking session.

Bongs (also called waterpipes) are popular because they filter and cool your smoke through water and ice. But many bongs are large in stature, making them awkward and annoying to pass around in groups. Also, the more hands that touch your bong, the greater the chances are that someone will spill it!

Bubblers are solid waterpipes for sharing and are easy to handle. They operate much like a bong but with the water carried in a deep pocket with a long stem. This is similar to a bong but much more compact.

Hand pipes are great for personal use because they're so compact and require no real skill to pack or operate! They're the easiest pipe to pass around in a circle, but they don't have any water filtration, which makes the airflow and hits hotter and harsher each time.

Smaller water pipes deliver more flavor and can help you have a cooler experience. We’ve developed a flower bowl that fits any of our water pipes, bubblers, or micro rigs so that you can enjoy the terpenes of your favorite herbs. 

There are other fun choices for smoking bowls (like a steamroller), but these are the most common categories of pipes you'll see.

Tip #2: Invest in a Grinder

Next on your list of materials for smoking a bowl is an herb grinder. This is an essential tool for any smoker looking to get the most out of their stash. The main advantage to using this tool is that the herb gets finely chopped up in seconds. You can more easily fit everything into your bowl without any clogging.

Grinders also increase the surface area of your nug, so your bowl burns better and gets more out of each hit. This means easier burning with less waste — since even smokers with deep pockets can't afford to let their buds go up in (uninhaled) smoke.

Tip #3: Select Your Spot

It's easy to make a mess when you pack a bowl, so it's crucial to pick a good spot where you have a big surface where it’s okay if you happen to spill while packing.

If you don't have a dedicated smoking spot, you can get a rolling tray! It'll catch all your ashes and prevent any unwanted accidents from happening on your carpets or favorite rug.

The Best Methods to Pack a Bowl

Step 1. Use a Grinder for Your Herb

If you want the most out of your stash, start by grinding before smoking. Smoking buds instead of ground herb can result in a harsher and less potent smoke that's going to be harder on your lungs, too.

The end product will be much more potent if you break up the buds and expose all of the delicious bits inside — whatever you want to call them! Using a grinder increases the surface area of the plant material and exposes more of it to oxygen.

Step 2. Insert a Screen and Fill the Bowl

Now you're ready to put your pipe together. Take a brass screen and insert it into the bowl of your bong or bubbler. This is an optional step, and some people prefer not to use a screen since they quickly gunk up, so you have to change them often.


However, they prevent small pieces and bits of ash from clogging up your pipe, or worse—pulling these bits into your mouth and lungs. Pipe screens are incredibly cheap (as little as five for a dollar!), so it's worth trying them out to see if you like using them.

Grab some of your ground-up herb with your fingers and place it into your bowl. Don't fill it over the top, but do fill it up since it'll compress a bit once you pack a bowl.

Step 3.  Pack Your Bowl Well but Not Tight

Packing a bowl perfectly is essential to get an excellent smoke. When you pack a bowl, make sure to distribute the herb uniformly and that there are no air pockets that will cause uneven burning or hot spots during smoking. You can use a tamping tool for this.

Many people pack the bowl too tight, and it causes a massive waste of herb. When this happens, you can’t smoke anything! The trick is to pack it without suffocating the airflow. 

Tips for Packing the Best Party Bowls

When it comes to packing a bowl, don't forget these essential tips to make the experience the best it can be for you and everyone around you.

1) Only Grind What You Need

When breaking down your leaf, consider how much you will need for the amount of time you'll be smoking. Don't grind up more than you intend to burn.

When you grind for later use, all the oils and resins on the leaves dry out. The goodness inside will still get into your body, but the smoking experience itself will be harsh, hot, and stale.

2) Mind the Smell

Smoke can be a little bit overwhelming for people who don't smoke often, so you might want to take steps to smell good or cover the aroma. For example, you can use everyday household items to cover up certain types of smoke from smelling in your home.

Try mixing some vinegar into water-based air freshener spray or using vanilla extract mixed with white sugar for an inexpensive option that smells good too!

3) Pack a Smaller Bowl for Fewer Friends

One of the best ways to save product is by only packing as much into a bowl as you need in one sitting. You’ll have less half-toasted leftovers in the bowl, and you won't be wasting it!

Don't be stingy, though—make sure there's enough for everyone. However, you can eliminate wasted herb by simply packing a smaller bowl before deciding to use some more. Keep in mind that the nug you’ll grind up should also be smaller. 


When you’re ready to pack a bowl, be sure to choose the right piece for your preferences, and always use a grinder. Remember to grind only what you need, so you don't waste any of that potent nug. Overtime, you’ll gain an intuitive sense of how much is too much, so don’t worry about overpacking a bowl if it’s your first time.