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How to Smoke Wax Out Of A Chillum

It's always a nice change of pace to try out new ways to smoke wax. One new way you should try is with a chillum hand pipe. While it may not offer the precise experience of a dab rig, smoking your favorite cannabis concentrate with one can be simple, straightforward, and enjoyable.

In this guide, we go over how to smoke wax from a chillum, some of the pros and cons of smoking with one, and also offer some other worthwhile alternatives to smoking wax with dab rigs. Check out what MJ Arsenal offers — including our wide array of premium glass pipes and dab rigs for both flower and wax smoking. Read on to learn more.


Wait, What Do You Mean By "Wax"?

For smoke enthusiasts who are new to dabbing, "wax" is short for cannabis wax, also called cannabis concentrate. It's a concentrated extract from the cannabis plant that comes in the form of a thick, waxy resin. Because of its high concentration of THC, it offers a much stronger smoking experience than your typical flower.

Smoking wax can be done in a ton of different ways, but in every case, it all comes down to the same method: using a precise heating element to melt down that wax until it vaporizes, then draw in the smoke through your choice of smoking hardware. Simple as that.

So, in your quest to find the best way to spark up, remember that smoking wax is one heavy-hitting option.


6 Steps To Smoking Wax Concentrates With Chillum

Smoking your concentrate from a chillum is a much simpler process than with a dab rig, though it might have its issues, which we'll discuss later. Because of how different it is, you may need a little more preparation to smoke with a chillum than you might think. Here are the six steps you need to start smoking wax with your chillum:


1) Get your tools and wax together

First and foremost, get yourself prepared. You should have your wax ready, along with your chillum and perhaps a dabbing tool to scoop in just the right amount into the bowl. We would also recommend getting some tin foil so you can cover the front of your bowl. This will make sure you keep the wax in place as you heat it up. You'll also need a torch, as wax requires you to heat it at higher temperatures than a match or lighter provides.


2) Pack your bowl

Next up: pack the bowl with a nice bed of flower, then your chosen wax. The flower will keep the wax from liquifying and running out of your mouthpiece. Also, remember to be careful with the amount. This stuff is way stronger than most types of flowers out there. Of course, if you're concerned that you may overheat your wax, consider first packing in wax, then flower on top to provide a nice buffer. That'll prevent you from accidentally burning all your wax away but also boost your experience.


3) Carefully light up

Now with everything packed in nicely, your next step is to light up your bowl with a torch. The key here is to keep your torch at a distance so that only the tip of it is heated. Burn it briefly until it turns red hot, then leave to cool down for around twenty to thirty seconds. This allows the wax to vaporize properly.


4) Smoke wax from your chillum

After those twenty to thirty seconds, put the chillum to your lips and draw in your smoke.


5) "Rinse, repeat"

Repeat the process for however long you feel, and make adjustments as you go to see what ways you can improve your chillum dabbing experience.


6) Take care of your chillum.

Finally, once your smoke is done, all that’s left is to take care of your device. Clean your chillum inside and out to ensure all those wax concentrates don't form a resin. That’ll keep your hand pipe ready to use the next time you want to dab or smoke flower. 


Pros and Cons of Smoking Wax With a Chillum & Not a Dab Rig

Like most things in life, using a chillum to smoke wax has its advantages and disadvantages. To give you a good idea of what it's like to dab with a chillum, here's a quick pros and cons list:


The Pros:

  • Enjoy Wax Anywhere - A chillum is way smaller and more portable than a dab rig, which means you can enjoy an excellent dabbing session wherever you go.
  • An Easier Experience - You don't need a dab nail, dab tool, or all the other equipment that comes with a dab rig. All you need is your wax and chillum, and you're good to go.
  • Get Stronger Hits - Compared to a flower, which you'd typically use with a chillum, using one to smoke dabs leads to way stronger hits, all because of how concentrated they are.


The Cons:

  • Less Heat Control - Unlike a dab rig, which gives you more precise temperature control, using a chillum makes it tougher to heat your cannabis wax properly. Poorly distributing heat to your wax can lead you to burn it all up or not enough to create a good smoke, leading to wasted product and potentially harsh smoke.
  • Could Lead To Damage - Smoking wax requires higher temperatures than when you smoke weed, which means you'll have to use a butane torch. High temps could also blacken your chillum's bowl if it's made of less durable material.
  • Harsher Smoke - Unless you measure and time your heating and smoking times precisely, you'll experience harsher pulls when you smoke wax with a chillum. This is because smoking wax using a dab rig involves a water chamber that provides some filtration while smoking dabs with your chillum has none.


Ultimately, it comes down to whether you prefer to smoke wax on the go and if you know how to smoke wax out of a chillum like a pro.


Some Alternatives To Enjoy Wax Without A Dab Rig & Dab Nail

So if it turns out that you don't have a chillum or don't like to smoke wax with one, there are still a bunch of other methods to choose from, some conventional and others more creative. In any case, we're sure you and your buddies will have a good time. Here's a few quick alternatives to dabbing with a dab rig:


Use a Vape Pen

This option may be a bit expensive, but no less convenient than using a chillum. A vape pen allows you to smoke easily and discreetly, and its innovative components can ensure you get a smoother, quicker draw of smoke every time. You can either get a vape pen that has pre-filled cartridges or one that is detachable and fillable.


Try a Nectar Collector

Also called dab straws, a nectar collector is an innovation of the dab rig, one that's more portable yet just as durable. It's essentially a miniature water pipe with a mouthpiece, a detachable neck where you add your wax, and a small water chamber that acts as a filtration element. While it's larger than a chillum and probably less discreet, it's a worthwhile alternative for when you want to dab on the go.


Smoke With A Waxed Joint

Sometimes it's best to mix things up, and in this case, we mean your flower and your wax. There are methods of building joints that involve mixing both forms of herbal goodness to produce a rolled-up package that will give even the longest-standing enthusiasts a sky-high experience.


Retool Your Bong For Dabbing

We've shared before the ways to use a bong for dabbing. It's a makeshift process that involves a bit of mixing and matching your dab rig components with your bongs. Considering how close the two devices are in their design, it's actually pretty easy, especially if you have a well-angled carp cap.


Bake & "Bake" With Edibles

The interesting thing about cannabis concentrate is that it's pretty versatile as an ingredient. All it needs is to be cooked down in oil or butter so that the cannabinoids mix with fats to produce a viable mixture to add to any recipe.

Also, before going into baking or making edibles, make sure you do your research. Look up recipes, learn how the process works, and we cannot stress this enough: only use a small amount your first time.

Overall, there are so many different ways to enjoy wax without a dab rig. Try different methods out and see what you enjoy. Whether it's smoking, baking, or even drinking, wax concentrates are a fun way to switch your dabbing game up.


Whether A Chillum or a Dab Rig, Dabbing With MJA Is Best

Smoking wax with a chillum has its ups and downs, but what will make sure you always have a good experience is using one made with durable, high-quality borosilicate glass. MJ Arsenal not only offers an excellent range of chillums and other hand pipes but also an attractive array of dab rigs, water pipes, and handy accessories. Browse our store today and find your new favorite smoking device today!