MJ Arsenal Holiday Gift Guide

MJ Arsenal Holiday Gift Guide

MJ Arsenal Holiday Gifts: Our Best Dab Gifts

Stocking stuffers are a great way to give a little something extra — and an even better way to give a gift without spending a ton of money. So, if you're looking for the perfect way to gift your friends some useful gear this holiday season, then your search is over. 

Look no further than MJ Arsenal's top-selling dab tools and rigs.

The Martian Blunt Bubbler

OG martian blunt bubbler

Let's go to Mars and kick it in style! This Martian bubbler is out of this world. This bubbler will fit your loved one’s favorite rolled goods, with a carb hole for optimal grip and airflow.  It features everything from one hitter function to a super sleek design. 

Cone bubblers are all the rage these days, but this is the O.G. patented version made to fit rolled items of all sizes. Give the gift of the original Martian.

The King Blunt Bubbler

Pyramid blunt bubbler

Are you looking for a smoking device to gift that is as easily portable as it is versatile? The King Blunt Bubbler engages with the newest trend of full bodied inhales with the smoothness of a water pipe.

The King Blunt Bubbler works great as a cone bubbler and uses a double-slit function for a better experience that no other product on the market has been able to replicate. The King easily fits most rolls, even plus-sized pre-rolls and party blunts. 

You'll be the King or Queen of the party when you give this ingenious unique bubbler as a gift.

The Commander Tank Blunt Bubbler

Tank bubbler

Like an ancient Conqueror, this marvelous work is sure to conquer the hearts of your smoking devotees with its exquisite aesthetics and unparalleled functionality. 

The Commander offers a clear, crisp smoking experience by filtering water through the meticulously engineered percolator at the bottom of this tank. The triple slit design filters smoke post-combustion to ensure every hit is smooth and airy while maintaining efficiency. 

Elevate your smoking session to new heights with The Commander’s easy handling, sturdy materials, and thrilling flavor retention, making it the perfect gift.

Starter Dab Gear Bundle Pack

Dab rig bundle for beginners

The MJ Arsenal Starter Mini Dab Rig Bundle Pack is a fantastic gift box for beginners who want to dip their toes into dabbing. This package includes:

  • Ursa mini dab rig
  • One standard quartz banger
  • Bubble carb cap
  • Padded pouch (designed for the complete protection of the glass)

If your friends have been waiting to take their own plunge into dabbing, then this is the perfect starter kit for them to experiment with all the essentials they’ll need.

Premium Dab Rig Bundle Pack

Premium dab bundle


For a powerful rig to enhance the dabbing experience, choose the Premium Dab Tools Bundle Pack. Perfectly sized for a stocking stuffer, yet generous with its tools, this bundle pack includes: 

  • One Titan Mini Dab Rig
  • A premium fully fused quartz (opaque) 
  • One bubble carb cap 
  • MJA mini dab rig tool
  • MJA padded zipper pouch

This setup will last for years thanks to its borosilicate glass, and high quality quartz construction. Additionally, the padded zipper sleeve can help protect the glass for a convenient dabbing experience on-the-go.

You’ll have everything you need to get dabbing right out of the box with a transparent bubble carb cap and dab tool included with your purchase. All you have to do is fill your Titan mini rig according to the fill line on the box, and you’re ready for a dialed in dab sesh.

Staff's Pick Mini Water Pipe Bundle Pack

With its cool, heady shape and sandblasted logo, the Cache Mini Water Pipe, which is just one part of the Staff’s Pick Mini Water Pipe Bundle, has everything you need to take the next step in your flower or concentrates game.

Premium bong bundle


We used only the highest quality borosilicate glass for the Cache Mini Water Pipe, which makes it perfect for durable heat insulation and easy handling. Furthermore, our new 45-degree full weld quartz banger delivers excellent flavor and holds in heat better than practically any other bucket on the market.

With a spinner carb cap, the quartz terp pearls will swirl around the bucket to maximize dabbing surface area, giving optimal vapor production with every hit. This kit is perfect for someone that wants to dab like the glassmakers themselves this Christmas season.

A Handy ISO Station

The MJA ISO Station stores cotton swabs and cleaning solutions in one convenient, stylish assembly. Now you'll always have everything that you need on hand to keep rigs clean for the rest of their natural-born life. 

No more scouring glass with a hot dab torch or lighter — the MJA ISO Station is the last word in organizing your cleaning gear.

ISO cleaning station


Bundle this with some isopropyl and a pack of cotton swabs to make a complete stocking stuffer, or get creative and bundle it with any MJA mini rig.

A Bucket Upgrade

MJ Arsenal's lineup now includes quartz dab buckets that offer an improved, extended dab. Our new half-weld and full-weld joints are reinforced for enhanced durability, and the buckets themselves are made of heard-wearing quartz that requires less fire to retain heat for longer.


full weld drip banger  Premium Cold Start banger  premium quartz drip banger
opaque full-weld quartz banger  Clear full-weld quartz banger  45 degree full-weld quartz banger

The new lineup features cold-start buckets for low-temp dabbers and frosty white bases for dabbers who like a little flair for their setups. This holiday, give the gift of MJ Arsenal’s latest collection and upgrade the dabbing experience with these durable quartz pieces.

A Handy Collectible Carb Cap

Carb caps are an essential part of dabbing, but they can get pricey if you want to collect them all. Each piece is made from high-quality borosilicate glass and features MJA logo patterns that distinguish each cap. However, ask any dabbing enthusiast and they’ll tell you: these caps are a must-have for serious collectors. So, help a beginner level up their experience or gift one to a connoisseur.

   mj bubble carb cap mj flat carb cap


The MJA flat carb cap is one of the most commonly used carb caps for dabbing because of its simplicity. With a flat surface, it sits flush on top of the banger, so all you have to do is hold it in place.

Our bubble carb cap gives you directional control over airflow. The wide bubble sits along the rim of your banger, with the glass tapering down to a narrow handle you can use to move the air around. This control over airflow is crucial for producing the tastiest hits, making it a great gift..

If your loved one upgraded to using terp pearls in their rig, get them a spinner carb cap. The spinner cap has a spiral design that moves air over the terp pearls in a spinning motion, causing them to swirl around in the dish. This improves the surface area of the hot quartz against the concentrates, releasing more vapor.

Colorful Terp Pearls

Terp pearls are a great way to show off your personality and add a splash of color wherever you go. The MJ Arsenal color terp pearls come in classic transparent quartz and eye-catching ruby red quartz.

ruby terp pealrs

They're an easy way to brighten up rigs and incorporate a high degree of functionality. And, they're perfect stocking stuffers for anyone who loves to dab!

A Fresh Dab Mat or Tray

When your dab is ready to roast, you don't want to lose it on the table or floor. So make sure that everything is protected with our newly designed dab tray, which features a high-grip silicone lining and an easy-clean design in case of any spills. 

MJA monogram dab mat

And if your gift recipient already has a tray, then a fresh, new dab mat makes a great stocking stuffer!

Some MJA Swag Shirts and Hats

MJA softgoods I heart MJA


Tired of gifting the same old swag? We've got you covered with our latest drop of hats, T-shirts, and more. We have a bunch of swag — so you can find the perfect merch for your stocking stuffers.

Available in both men's and women's styles, the MJ Arsenal collection features top-of-the-line clothing for dabbing enthusiasts. Whether you're looking for a classic ball cap or a snarky tee, MJ Arsenal apparel is your chance to show off your dab pride.

Get the Limited Edition MJ Arsenal Holiday Lineup

Just in time for the holidays, MJ Arsenal is offering a new limited-edition lineup of borosilicate glass smoking pieces. When dabbing isn’t all your gift recipient prefers to do, deck the halls with this decadent flower gear just in time for the holiday season.

Polar Water Pipe

Polar water pipe limited edition


Introducing the Limited Edition Polar Water Pipe — a festive pipe that's perfect for holiday celebrations. The wintry glass and detachable candy cane downstem give this pipe a peaceful Christmastime vibe. 

The Polar Pipe is made with high-quality borosilicate glass and is built to last, so you can bust it out every holiday season.

Additionally, the Polar Water Pipe includes a handy 10mm candy cane flower bowl attachment for quick use right out of the box. Standing at just 7 inches tall, it's the perfect stocking stuffer for seasonal smokers and flower enthusiasts.

Rigloo Mini Dab Rig

Rigloo mini dab rig limited edition


Our festive new release for the 2021 holiday is the Rigloo Mini Rig. This little rig packs a powerful punch with its durable, heavy-duty design — and it's easy to clean for quick setup. 

It comes in at under 8 inches tall, making it a substantial wax rig that you can easily sneak into a stocking. However, it’s still mighty enough to keep you running back for more. 

The Rigloo Mini comes with a 10mm bucket, so it's ready to use from the moment it's unwrapped. Just fill it with water using the handy fill line on the box,  and you're ready to dab. Don’t miss this one because this small, portable rig can easily accompany you anywhere.

Snowperson Cone/Blunt Bubbler

snowperson cone bubbler


The Snowperson Bubbler has a smooth, festive finish that is ideal for any December experience. This ultra-cool blunt bubbler chills your smoke so much that we couldn't stop at just one snowperson.

When you load your rolls into the snowperson, the smoke travels into the mouth of the downstem before being filtered through the interior perc. The interior snowperson features a base-connected perc that filters your smoke through the larger snowperson's body.

It's a clever holiday design packed with plenty of functionality. Your blunt sessions will never be the same after you try out this limited-edition piece.

Dreidel Hand Pipe

dreidl hand pipe


You asked, and we delivered. We're proud to introduce a brand new hand pipe for flower smokers—the Dreidel.

Yes, you heard right: MJ Arsenal’s Dreidel Hand Pipe keeps the festive traditions of Hanukkah alive with its classic, dreidel-inspired spinning top design. Crafted from high-quality borosilicate glass, it features a simple carb that allows you to control the airflow into your bowl.

If you're looking for a gift that will fit in perfectly with your holiday traditions, this is the piece for you. Plus, it's compact, easy to use, and won't break the bank—a perfect gift for one of eight wonderful days.

Candy Cane One Hitter Pipe

Candy cane one-hitter pipe


The candy cane one-hitter is the perfect addition to any stocking. It’s MJ Arsenal’s first ever one-hitter, and with room for up to two hits, it's great for a quick rip on-the-go.

The understated design of this piece makes it ideal for stealthy travel without sacrificing functionality. It's easy to load and unload, and the borosilicate glass bowl ensures every hit is smooth and tasty. 

This simple, stylish design is perfect for the flower lover in your life or for any dabber who just needs a little help finding their holiday cheer.

Snowperson Spinner Carb Cap

snowperson spinner carb cap


This snowperson might come from the chilly North Pole, but he's here to help you vaporize your dabs like never before. 

This carb cap creates airflow that allows you to get the most from your dabs and take bigger, richer rips from larger pieces. The spiraling action helps your terp pearls spin around in the bucket, creating a larger surface area for your dabs to vaporize against the hot quartz.

The snowperson carb cap is sure to make your flower sessions even more festive this winter and will fit snugly on any MJ Arsenal 10mm quartz bucket.

Get Your Holiday Stocking Stuffers Now

Make the holiday season special by giving your friends and family members the gift of dab gear. With MJA's new line of accessories, everyone will enjoy the same high-quality experience that MJ Arsenal is known for.

From dapper hats to stylish dab mats, everything you need is available for purchase right here. Enjoy free shipping on orders over $50 with MJ Arsenal, and don't forget to search for some of our best discounts of the year. Find a great gift idea, like an e-rig or mini rig, right around the corner!