Saturn Bong

Saturn Bong

Saturn Bong

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Inspired by the mesmerizing sights of our solar system and hand crafted from 100% borosilicate glass, the Saturn Mini Bong is a compact yet powerful rig designed to elevate your smoking experience to interplanetary heights.

The Saturn's unique donut-shaped ring at its core stands out, ensuring a fascinating aesthetic. This one-of-a-kind design forces each hit through a water ring, providing maximum cooling and maintaining the integrity of the terps for a flavorful experience.

Constructed with care and precision, the Saturn doesn't just look good—it delivers powerful, smooth hits with each pull. Its distinctive filtration system channels plumes of smoke through a water-filled interior, offering a pure and flavorful puff every time. Its circular design doubles as a handle for easy gripping, and the wide base enhances stability, ensuring spill-free sessions.

Handcrafted to perfection, the Saturn Mini Bong combines breathtaking design, functionality, and affordability in a compact, portable size. With MJ Arsenal's Saturn, expect a smooth ride towards uncharted highs, making it a stellar choice for both flower and oil enthusiasts. This cosmic dab rig is sure to become an integral part of your smoking arsenal.

Material: 100% Borosilicate Glass
Joint: 10mm
Dimensions: 8in x 3.75in x 3in

What’s in the box:
Saturn Bong
10mm Flower Bowl

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What is the Saturn Mini Water Pipe?

The Saturn mini water pipe is an out-of-this-world rig that uses constricted airflow and circular design to achieve a smooth, satisfying pull with each inhale.

Named after the ring-bound planet, the Saturn is sure to pack an enormous punch despite its compact size. So, whether you’re a flower lover, oil enthusiast, or enjoy the classic dab, the small Saturn rig is sure to have you blasting off into orbit.

Plus, all of our mini water pipes are portable, allowing you to take your smoke on the go.

What’s the Hype around the Saturn?

While some mini rigs use fancy mechanics and over-the-top designs to lure you in, truly aerodynamic, powerful water pipes require careful construction.

Here at MJA, we offer breathtaking hand-blown designs without compromising functionality, creating shapes and flows that enhance the smoking experience and excite the eye. Plus, our handmade rigs are portable and affordable, keeping you well-equipped without breaking the bank.

The Saturn mini rig is no exception. This striking small water pipe features unique filtration that keeps each puff pure and flavorful. Each time you light up, plumes of smoke will travel through a water-bound interior, keeping outside air from infiltrating your terp-filled hit.

Not only will the swirling water grab your attention, but each inhale will carry you toward smooth hits and even smoother highs.

Saturn Mini Water Pipe Features

Here at MJA, our collection of mini water pipes include a variety of different styles to meet the needs of smokers everywhere. The Saturn is a popular choice—ripe with unique features, handcrafted to elevate every session.

This galactic dab rig has a diffused downstem stem that pulls from the center of the glass-blown ring. Not only does this allow the smoke to cool in a tighter space for more flavorful hits, but this design also doubles as a handle, allowing for easy gripping.

Plus, we design all of our mini water pipes with a wide base to prevent spilling and tipping, keeping your sessions break-free and your glass in one piece.

Ergonomic and easy to use, the Saturn mini pipe will blow you away, sure to secure a spot on your daily driver roster.

How to Handle your Saturn Mini Water Pipes

To guarantee a smooth-sailing session, learning how to wield mini dab rigs properly is a must. Fortunately, the Saturn has an intuitive design, perfect for beginners and seasoned smokers alike.

In addition to a wide base, this mini glass piece has a gripable design to keep your smoking sessions free from spills. All of our water pipes at MJA are easy to use, and user-submitted reviews found that to be true.

"This is now my favorite bong hits smooth! And doesn't require a lot of water either. Easy to clean as well! Nicknamed donut!"

"Beautiful piece! The design is perfect."

"I can't say enough good things about this mini water pipe. The Saturn is truly a well-designed, perfect functioning, and easy-to-clean piece."

Before You Start Your Session

Setting the scene before you dive in is key to keeping your sessions stress-free.

There's nothing worse than grabbing for your bowl and knocking into a mess. So, make sure you're lighting up on a flat surface, clear of clutter and debris.

Once you've cleared a space, gather all the essentials, like flower, concentrate, grinders, and any other MJA-compatible accessories. Just don't forget to have a big cup of water on hand.

Beginning Your Session

Now that you have your space in order, it's time to get the party started. Start by setting your mini pipe on a flat surface and inserting your bucket of choice (this collection includes an MJA 10mm quartz banger).

For flower users, collect your bud and grind it by hand or with a grinder until you have an even layer of flower. Place the ground bud into a flower bowl and insert it into the small hole of the downstem.

Now all that's left is to light up, breathe in, and sink into the high.

For concentrate users, sessions look slightly different. You'll need a banger or bucket to collect your dab and a carb cap to trap the vaporized substances. Place concentrate into your bucket using a steel tool and light the bottom of your banger to melt the dab.

Once the dab melts and starts smoking, pull in through the mouthpiece and place the cap over the top of the banger to create a seal and maximize flavor.

Though different types of mini water pipes may have additional or varied instructions, you can count on the basics to guide you through various pipes.

Keeping Your Water Pipes Clean

When maintaining clean mini bubblers and avoiding residue build-up, washing your glass rig frequently is a must. Start by rinsing your rig with hot water to loosen any debris, allowing water to soak for tougher grime.

Once you've rinsed your water pipes, it's time to break out your favorite cleaning solution. Add cleaner and hot water into the canals, plug each hole, and shake! You can even add some course salt to help scrape off any difficult-to-remove residue.

Regardless of which method you use to clean your glass, frequent washes can eliminate hard-to-remove smoke build-up.

Accessories for Your Saturn Mini Water Pipe

At MJA, we offer an arsenal of accessories to amplify your daily sessions. Each of our hand-crafted glass styles is compatible with a wide range of MJA accessories. Simply search our shop for cleaning products, sale bundles, and more—whatever you need, we've got you covered.

For those who enjoy smoking flower, consider our 10mm Flower Bowl. Or you can go for a smaller size, grabbing the 8mm instead.

Or, if you're a fan of smoking dabs, try out MJA's terp pearls and spinner carb caps for an out-of-this-world experience. Watch as the concentrate smoke swirls across the banger, giving you an even, smooth pull.

Don't forget to pick up an MJA zipper pouch to store your equipment and keep your glass mini water pipes safe as you carry them to and from your smoke station.

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