Full Weld Quartz Terp Slurper

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There’s nothing worse than wasting precious concentrates or settling for bland, unremarkable flavor. The good news? The terp slurper quartz banger is here to change that. 

Deemed the latest and greatest in herbal accessories, a terp slurper is a highly efficient bucket banger piece. When added to your favorite mini rig or quartz banger, the slurper elevates flavor while making the most of your concentrates. 

So instead of resolving to an average smoke session, add a stylish accessory to your routine, and you'll soon see why a terp slurper quartz banger will be your new best friend. 

The dimensions of our premium quartz terp blender are: 

  • Bucket depth: 53mm
  • Outer diameter: 20mm Top Chamber, 13.5mm Bottom Chamber
  • Thickness: 3mm
  • Plate diameter: 25mm 
  • 10mm Male Joint

What is a Terp Slurper Quartz Banger?

The terp slurper is a type of bucket that users can add to most rigs to reduce unnecessary waste and efficiently vaporize oil. At first glance, a quartz slurper might appear unconventional, but its design is broken down into three main compartments that are integral to the function.

  1. The top section looks like the standard quartz banger, which is where you can add a carb cap before placing wax onto the nail. 
  2. The middle part is a vertical cylinder that extends to the bottom in the middle with several small slits and holes. The chamber acts as an air vacuum to enhance vaporization. If you are a true dabbing enthusiast, you might try dropping a few terp pearls inside for added fun.
  3. Finally, the bottom piece features a dish connected to the main cylinder. Some smokers call it an upside-down hat, but it’s most easily recognizable as a disc nail. The large surface area instantly heats wax when applied with a dab tool. The result is an ultimate dabbing nail.

Why You Want to Use a Terp Slurper Banger

You might be content with how you dab now, but modifying your favorite smoking tool with a slurper can elevate your smoking experience in more ways than one. Read on to understand the full benefits of a terp slurper quartz banger.

Benefit #1: Enhances Flavor 

The terp slurper quartz banger creates nuanced aromas in concentrates by preserving precious terpenes. When used at lower temperatures, terpenes are enhanced instead of burning off. Emphasizing distinct flavors is one of the main appeals of a slurper — especially for smokers who like to experiment with different wax strains and terpene profiles! 

Benefit #2: Cuts Down on Waste 

Due to their intelligent design, terp slurpers prevent unnecessary waste.

But how, you ask? Once the dab is added to the nail of the slurper-banger, it enters the middle compartment. Every drop of oil is heated to an even temperature inside the hot cylinder, allowing for efficient vaporization. You can finally take large dabs without the guilt of wasting precious concentrate. 

Benefit #3: Ideal for Low-Temp Dabbing 

Each concentration blend has its particular boiling point. After that, it loses aroma and potency. For this reason, many serious smokers prefer low-temp dabbing. 

A quartz banger is ideal for low-temp dabs because it optimizes heat retention. When added to a dab rig, the terp slurper quartz banger acts as the ultimate dabbing nail. The upgraded accessory adds precious surface area compared to a standard quartz nail. Once wax makes contact, the vapor is heated evenly and thoroughly — even at low temperatures. 

Benefit #4: Allows You To Take Bigger Dabs 

The slurper-banger allows for bigger dabs in one session, meaning you’ll get more satisfaction after every puff. By making the most out of every drop of wax, you won’t have to worry about wasting herbal products in a large dose. 

How to Use Terp Slurpers

Now that your terp slurper quartz banger is ready, it’s time to ensure your arsenal is stocked with everything you need for a proper smoke session. Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to use your slurper.

Step #1: What You’ll Need

You can’t use a sleek terp slurper banger without an equally stylish dab rig. Luckily, you can shop for various colorful or sleek mini rigs and models.  

Next up in your line of smoking accessories is a trusty torch. The best models for dabbing are handheld and use either propane or butane. For maximum vaporization, look for one with built-in temperature control settings. 

You’ll also need a dab tool to apply the sticky concentrate to your terp slurper banger without making a mess. Check out MJ Arsenal’s stainless steel dab tools — available in two sizes, both under ten bucks.

For added fun and flavor, purchase a few terp pearls. You can customize your experience by swapping pearls for your carb marble. 

Note: Don’t confuse a terp pearl with the carb marble—also called a terp pill. These have different shapes that modify the airflow.

The sticky concentrate sticks to the glass terp balls with pearls, bringing out distinct aromas. An added bonus is that most slurpers can spin two glass terp balls.

Some smokers also prefer to add a carb cap. A carb cap is placed on your piece before you heat the nail. This accessory is another feature that makes the terp slurper unique and unlike other devices.

Last but certainly not least, you’ll need to stock up on your preferred concentrate. For added convenience, store fragrant wax in a glass bong with a built-in stash jar

Step #2: Choosing the Best Temperature for Your Bangers

With your smoker’s toolbox assembled, it’s time to choose your ideal temperature — but where should you start?

Low Temperatures

Low temp dabs range from 350-400°F and offer the most flavor. Taking dabs at a low temperature provides a smooth hit with mellow potency. For this reason, many beginners or casual smokers prefer low-temp hits. 

Mid Temperatures 

Warm your dab nail to 400-600°F for a mid-temperature dab. The increased temperature offers enhanced vaporization and potency while retaining the flavor of terpenes. 

High Temperatures 

The most common temperature to take dabs is a high temperature of 600-700°F. The intense warmth instantly vaporizes wax and produces thick clouds of smoke. High-temperature hits are favored by veteran smokers for their super potency. 

Step #3: Using Your Terp Slurper 

It’s finally time to fire up your terp slurper quartz banger and enjoy the benefits. To properly use the accessory, follow these three simple steps: 

  1. Drop two terp pearls into the banger. 
  2. Make sure concentrate is easily accessible or loaded onto a dab nail
  3. Place the marble on top of the nail.
  4. Apply heat to the bottom dish for about 20 to 30 seconds
  5. Wait for the nail to cool for about 30 or 40 seconds.

After these steps, you’ll be ready to inhale and enjoy the unique features of our terp slurper quartz banger.

How to Keep Your Terp Slurper Clean

The most important part of owning a terp slurper is keeping it clean. If left neglected, the terp slurper will eventually become degraded and unusable. (The same goes for a carb cap, which you can clean the same way.)

Use a Q-tip to regularly clean the slurper and carb cap, carefully inserting it into the chamber and cylinder. For deeper cleaning, soak the banger in isopropyl alcohol overnight. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly before using it again.

Want an even easier experience? Use MJ Arsenal's ISO Station, which easily stores your Q-tips and isopropyl solution in one spot for easy access.

Get Quality Glassware from MJ Arsenal

There’s nothing better than enjoying a dabbing session with a few like-minded buddies and your favorite wax. So why not take that experience to a new level of satisfaction?

Enter the terp slurper quartz banger.

Terp slurpers make the perfect addition to your beloved quartz bangers with an intuitive design and enhanced vaporization functions. Not only does this upgrade your rig’s appearance, but terp slurpers also emphasize flavor and reduce waste. Plus, terp slurper quartz bangers are ideal for low-temperature dabs!

It’s time to bring your routine smoke session to the next stage. With a terp slurper quartz banger, a true dabbing enthusiast will discover new ways to enjoy their favorite botanical. Add the quartz slurper to your cart today and experience a dabbing experience like never before. 

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