Formula 420 Cleaner

Type:Original (A1)

Formula 420 Cleaner

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Experience unparalleled cleaning power with Formula 420 Cleaners, the #1 trusted cleaning line nationwide. Offering instant results with more cleanings per ounce, these cleaners are the most effective solution in the market to get your glass looking brand new again.

Ideal for MJ Arsenal Mini Dab Rigs, Mini Water Pipes and all glass pieces, the patented AbrasivAction Technology eliminates soaking and scrubbing, restoring your glass to its original shine.

These biodegradable cleaners are made in the USA and also deodorize your glassware, leaving them as fresh as new.

Original (A1) - 12 Ounces
This is the classic Formula 420 cleaner that has gained popularity for its effectiveness. It's designed for cleaning glass, metal, and ceramic and provides a hassle-free cleaning experience. It's biodegradable and easy to use with its "Shake, Rinse and Enjoy" process. It works in just one minute and eliminates the need for soaking and scrubbing.

All Natural (A2) - 16 Ounces
The All Natural cleaner is designed for consumers who prefer a more eco-friendly, natural product. It's made with all-natural ingredients, yet still delivers a powerful clean. Like the Original Formula, it's designed to clean glass, metal, and ceramic, and works in just one minute.

Daily Use (A3) - 16 Ounces
This cleaner is designed to be gentle enough for daily use, yet it still effectively cleans and deodorizes your pieces. It's especially useful for those who use their glass, metal, or ceramic pieces regularly and want to keep them clean and fresh without much hassle.

Soak-N-Rinse (S1) - 16 Ounces
The Soak-N-Rinse formula is designed to be a soak solution. It's made for items that require a longer cleaning process. Simply soak your pieces, rinse them, and enjoy. It's perfect for dealing with stubborn residue.

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