How To

 To ensure the best possible experience when using a Rollie Bubbler, use these tips and tricks by the inventors themselves at MJ Arsenal. 

Before use:

  • To fill with water, use the carb hole located just above the spout. 
  • Water level should be just above the bottom of the diffuser, about 1/4 an inch of water
  • To ensure a tight seal, give the rollie a twist when securing into the spout.  

During Use:

  • While smoking, hold the piece level for the best function and water diffusion
  • To ash, GENTLY tap the base of on the edge of your ashtray. ( the bumper back makes this much safer to do)


  • To clean, run hot water through the piece a few times 
  • Fill with a few drops of your favorite cleaner (IE: rubbing alcohol or other pipe cleaning solutions)
  • Cover the three holes with your fingers and shake until clean!
  • Rinse everything out with COLD water 


Keeping your glass clean will greatly enhance your smoking experience. We recommend cleaning as often as you can. Watch the video to see a demonstration of the cleaning process!