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Explore all the dab tools and accessories MJ Arsenal has to offer. We carry everything from quartz bangers and quartz buckets to dabber tools for dab rigs and MJ Arsenal swag. Find the dab tools you need for your dab rigs or bubblers so you can elevate the ordinary.
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MJA Logo Dab Mat
MJA Logo Dab Mat
MJA Logo Dab Mat
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MJA Starry Night Dab Mat
MJA Starry Night Dab Mat
MJA Starry Night Dab Mat
1130 Adapter
1130 Adapter
1130 Adapter

Dab Rig Accessories and Tools

Your dab rig just isn't complete without all the fixings. That's why MJ Arsenal makes its own line of premium dab accessories.

Throw out your scorched old dab nail and try superior smoking accessories from one of the leading glassmakers in the game today. You can also check out our complete guide to dab rigs to learn everything you need to know about setting up and maintaining your new gear.

MJA ISO Station

An ISO station is the perfect complement to our miniature dab rigs. The station contains a wide basin for soaking cotton swabs to clean your banger after each hit.

You can also use the reservoir to dunk terp pearls for a quick wash after dabbing. It also pairs perfectly with silicone accessories like the MJ Arsenal X Official Dab Tray .

The ISO station includes a second chamber for your preferred cleaning solution with a silicone cap to keep it sealed up tight. Never dab dirty again.

White/Opaque Bottom Large Quartz Bucket

This banger has a timeless design with a spicy new twist. It’s an opaque banger with a full weld, allowing for improved heat retention and durability when used daily.

The bent neck ensures that the dish is kept at a safe distance while you inhale, and the wide bore allows for puffy clouds without getting clogged up too quickly.

The sleek, opaque dish helps you see the glow as your banger takes on heat, and it gives your rig an attractive frosted glass accent. The 10mm joint is compatible with all MJ Arsenal mini dab rigs—it’s the ideal backup for any of our products.

MJA Padded Zipper Pouch

Our custom-designed padded pouch will protect all of your MJA bubblers and tiny rigs. It features a cushioned neoprene shell with an inner divider to keep your goods tightly in place while you travel.

This padded pouch will prevent your MJ Arsenal pieces from getting nicked or knocked over—it’s great for even basic home storage. The heavy-duty zipper keeps everything safe and sound during transport, and the thick inner lining insulates your glass from damage.

MJA Bubble Cap

Dabbing without a carb cap is like riding a bicycle without handlebars. And if you want the best cap to steer your dabs in the right direction, you've got to try a bubble cap.

Set the tapered end inside the banger as you take your hit, and use your hand to move air around the dish to help distribute heat more evenly. You'll get much tighter airflow without increasing the cooling speed.

MJA Flat Carb Cap

If you're looking for the simplest and easiest directional carb caps ever made, the MJA flat cap is a superb value.

It has a flat bottom that sits perfectly on top of your banger, even without holding it in place. Plus, it's light enough that it won't tip over your rig while standing freely on the table.

The MJA directional flat carb cap allows you to achieve tighter airflow for more potent clouds. It has a dense ball-shaped handle for easy maneuvering. Also, it doesn't absorb too much heat, so you can comfortably hold it with your fingers, even after it rests on top of a hot bucket.

Mini Rig™ Standard Quartz Bucket (10mm)

Nothing beats the classics. Our standard 10mm quartz banger has been a staple of our dabware since MJA's inception—only now, it’s even wider.

We've added 3mm to the inner diameter of our default bangers so you can take even bigger dabs without touching the walls. The flat top and bent neck give your rig a safe, stable function, and the transparent dish makes it easy to see the glow as the quartz heats up.

Mini Rig™ Standard Quartz Bucket (8mm)

If you're one of our OG MJA loyalists, you might still have an 8mm dab rig in your collection. We'll never leave our fans in the dust—which is why we still have some of our classic quartz buckets available in the 8mm male joint size.

Our 8mm buckets share all the durability and heat retention properties of our 10mm standard bangers, but they fit some of the older hardware we haven't made in a while. Who knows—a new ultra-mini rig drop could be coming any day.

Flower Bowl (10mm)

Every savvy smoker knows that a dab rig can be used as a standard waterpipe in a pinch. The trouble is, it’s hard to find a flower bowl that fits your dab rig. The angled neck shape makes it perfect for finishing off rolls, too.

Grab one of our 10mm flower bowls, sized to fit all of our MJA miniature dab rigs. Convert your rig into a versatile waterpipe with the addition of these glass attachments.

Flower Bowl (8mm)

Many of our older rigs were built with an 8mm female joint, and we want our longest-running fans to have access to the same great dab rig accessories our newer friends have. If you've got one of our OG MJA mini rigs, convert your pipe with one of our 8mm flower bowls.

Cache Bowl (10mm)

Our 10mm cache bowls are the perfect size for loading full, shareable flower bowls with your friends. Or, if you're a solo smoker and you want to load more herb than usual, using one of these is an easy way to do it without spilling.

The small bowl holds about as much as a whole preroll, and the carb handle gives you full control over the sliding action and the choke all at once.

Mini Stainless Steel Dab Tool

If you've ever tried to dab without a dab tool, you know there aren't a lot of good options. Our stainless steel dab rig tools come with a gripper handle built-in to protect your fingers from heat even while you're dipping into a hot rig.

Dab tools are small and easy to lose, so pick up a couple of spares to keep around. It's also handy to have extra dab tools to preload dabs for everyone at the party.

Large Stainless Steel Dab Tool

Dabs are sticky, and torches are hot—you ought to use a dabbing tool with some extra length to keep your fingers at a safe distance. Our large stainless steel dab tools measure in at 4.8 inches long with a built-in gripper to keep the heat off your hands while you're dabbing.

Our large-sized dab tool comes with one scooping end and one prodding end, so you can work with different types of concentrates with the tool that works best.

Mini Rig™ Quartz Bucket Large (8mm)

User-submitted reviews found that a lot of our old equipment was still floating around out there, so we've still got all the accessories to match our old-school 8mm miniature dab rigs.

These are the very same premium quartz buckets designed for our 10mm rigs, but they've got an 8mm male joint to fit the smallest hardware out there.

Merlin Quartz Bucket

We built our Merlin blunt bubbler and mini-rig with a specially designed downstem that’s angled for prerolls. To get the most out of your Merlin, you need a banger shaped to fit this steep angle. The Merlin quartz bucket is the only banger currently on sale with this unique downstem angle.

MJ Arsenal Logo Hat

Rep your favorite gear with this high-quality snapback. We designed our MJ logo to stand out on the streets, so you can wear it with style wherever you go.

The front of this hat features a small MJA logo embroidered into the fabric with "MJ ARSENAL" stitched into the back.

About Our Premium Quartz Buckets

MJA only uses premium, heat-resistant quartz for all of its bangers. Quartz is the preferred material for dabbing because it's stronger and preserves concentrated flavors better than a glass, ceramic, or titanium nail.

Our quartz nails are designed to fit the 10mm downstem in all of our miniature dab rigs, but don’t let the size fool you: They’re strong enough to withstand the rigor of consistent, everyday use.

We offer our bangers in two forms:

  • A fully-fused banger in a reinforced full-weld style made of sturdier quartz so that you can take it on the go without worrying about breakage

  • A cost-effective banger in half-weld style is less sturdy but still performs just as well – meaning that you get nearly the same results at a fraction of the cost

Both styles are build to last and offer full functionality for dabbing for years to come.

Innovative Carb Caps for Any Style of Dab

MJ Arsenal carb caps are just the right size to fit any standard or wide banger. We offer a flat cap for simple everyday use, but we have a slim, lightweight bubble cap to give your dabs improved air distribution.

If you're dabbling with dab pearls, our new spinner cap is the perfect partner for our synthetic ruby terp pearls. The spinner cap rests comfortably on top of your banger while it spirals air into the bowl and over the pearls. This keeps the pearls spinning, bringing out the flavor in each dab and helping them last just a little bit longer.

Get Your New Releases and Limited Edition Gear Today

We're proud to be one of the leading glassmakers in the US, but that means that when we do limited runs, they sell out fast. We love making new glass, so we don't always revisit older runs and previous releases. If you see something you love, get your hands on it before it's gone for good.

We don't play any games when it comes to glass, and we don't plan on slowing down anytime soon. It's time to upgrade from the cheap titanium nails and brittle ceramic nails most shops sell on the bottom shelf.

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