Why We Use 10mm Quartz

Why We Use 10mm Quartz

Why We Use 10mm Quartz

Quartz is one of the most popular materials used in pipe manufacturing. It's a hard, inert material that doesn't break down over time, and it can withstand high temperatures. This makes it perfect for making pipes where the tobacco burns at high temperatures.

However, the sheer variety of water pipes and dab rigs available today can make it hard to know which material is best for your needs. This blog post will break down the benefits of 10mm quartz bangers and nails, shining a light on why MJ Arsenal uses 10mm quartz bangers.

10mm Quartz Banger

Four Benefits of Quartz Bangers

Quartz is a type of mineral-based composition that can be naturally grown. Extruded with industrial furnaces, quartz bangers, and nails are the newest innovation in the concentrates scene. 

So why choose a 10mm quartz banger? 

Here are a few of the most popular reasons.

Benefit #1. Easy to Clean

Quartz nails for water pipes and dab rigs are much easier to clean than other materials. Heat your nail slowly and repeatedly apply low heat to see the most benefits. 

Something as simple as a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol can wipe away any residue buildup on your nail after you're done dabbing or smoking. This makes it easy to keep your equipment looking fresh and new.

Benefit #2. Longer Heat Retention

Ceramic and glass don't retain much heat, and titanium can overheat and be hard to regulate. Quartz bangers will keep the same temperature after repeated use or long periods. This makes them perfect for water pipes, dab rigs, and other types of glassware that rely on a consistent heat source.

Benefit #3. Improved Airflow Regulation

Water pipes and dab rigs sometimes have too much airflow. The wrong amount of airflow can reduce the flavor and effectiveness of your concentrates. You can use a carb cap or small hole in the glass to drive down that airflow for an optimal temperature on your dab rig with a quartz banger.

Benefit #4. Superior Durability

Quartz bangers are less likely to break than glass or titanium nails. Quartz bangers also retain their original form even when they endure high-temperature dabs. Those high temperatures won’t break quartz bangers, making them not only a smart way to consume concentrates but an economical one too.

How to Use a Quartz Banger

Step #1. Heat Up

Heat the dish of your quartz banger with a butane torch until it is red-hot.

Step #2. Chill Out

Allow it to cool for 30-40 seconds.

Step #3. Load Up

Load your favorite wax, shatter, rosin, or oil into the quartz banger and immediately place your carb cap on top.

Step #4. Blaze It

Inhale and enjoy.

What About Ceramic and Titanium?

Before quartz, the titanium nail was king. It had the benefits of not giving off-gasses and being ultra-durable. But titanium became expensive over time, and long-term use presented some trouble.

Titanium poses some significant problems:

  • While titanium is a popular choice for dab rigs, some users feel that it alters the taste and flavor of their vapor. However, high-grade titanium rarely affects flavors.
  • You need to season titanium nails before you use them. This is when the metal is treated with a chemical to remove any coating or polish that the manufacturer put on it. It will also help if you heat it up and then apply oil onto the nail. That way, it will not change the taste of your dab.
  • Overall, titanium bangers and nails are the most expensive of the three materials used for dab rigs.
  • Titanium parts for water pipes and dab rigs are heavy. In addition, titanium replacement parts aren't compatible with many glass pipes on the market.


After titanium lost its popularity, ceramic became popular for dabbing. Ceramic is a less expensive alternative to titanium and entirely non-porous. 

A ceramic nail can be easily cleaned and looks good as new once you remove the excess dabs. However, its inherent fragility meant users were looking for a compromise between affordability and durability.

However, ceramic also has some significant drawbacks:

  • Ceramic bangers and nails are not as readily available as quartz or titanium.
  • Some dabbers think that ceramic changes the taste and flavor of concentrates, but it’s not a strong metallic aftertaste.
  • Ceramic parts are heavier than glass.
  • The time required for the nail to heat (about 30 seconds or more) is not ideal for people who are looking for an immediate fix. Quartz and titanium bangers are better because of this.


Picking the Best 10mm Quartz Banger for Your Rig

Premium Quartz Drip Bucket

Quartz bangers offer a higher overall quality than those manufactured from other materials. You can identify a good quartz banger by its tightly sealed, straight edges and increased durability. MJ Arsenal’s inventory is the perfect example: we create high-quality quartz bangers with joints that endure at high temperatures for long periods.

It's important to note that MJ Arsenal’s quartz bangers are of better quality from their 3mm thickness to quality of the quartz and the welded joints. Additionally, some companies are hesitant to get into the production of quartz because it's expensive and difficult to test the quality.

The 10mm connection is perfect for a variety of rigs, including water pipes and dab rigs. Our bangers provide ample surface area to heat your wax or shatter, and also offer excellent flavor when smoking from a mini dab rig. 

In addition, the smaller diameter allows you to be more precise when positioning concentrates on the nail. Plus, it's just more convenient to have a compact smoking device.

That's why MJ Arsenal exclusively offers 10mm quartz bangers for our premium dab rigs.


Quartz bangers are a better alternative to other methods of dabbing. They’re easy to clean, have better heat retention, and improved airflow regulation. These features make them ideal for people who don’t want their sessions interrupted by hits that get burnt or are too hot. 

So, if you’ve been using another type of dab nail up until this point, like ceramic or titanium, then it might be time for an upgrade.

MJ Arsenal has a wide selection of 10mm quartz bangers available in different styles. Our wide selection has something in it for everyone, whether you enjoy traditional straight buckets or an angled piece. No matter your preference, we can help you find just the right one at our online store today.