Why Dabbing with Quartz Bangers is the Best Way to Consume

If you’ve gained an interest in dabbing, you already know that dab rigs are the best way to consume because of their ability to provide potent and flavorful hits. After choosing the right dab rig for you, it’s time to select a banger that will last you for years to come.

Shopping for a banger should not be taken lightly: Your banger determines the temperature range you can use, the flavor effects of the concentrate, and the smoothness of each hit. Meeting all of these standards is no easy task—but they’re critical parts of why quartz bangers are the best way to consume. 

What Is a Quartz Banger?

Before getting into quartz bangers, you first have to know what a banger does. Whether you’re a pro or just beginning, it’s always good to refresh on the anatomy of a dab rig so that you understand the importance of each piece.

A dab rig is generally made up of four main parts: 

  • Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece is where you’ll create a seal with your mouth and inhale the vapor that cycles through the base of the dab rig. 
  • Banger/Nail: The banger (also called the nail) is a removable piece that fits into the top of the downstem. The banger is where you’ll heat your concentrate for smoking. 
  • Downstem: The downstem is located directly underneath the banger or nail. It bends at a 90-degree angle to carry the air and smoke directly to the base. 
  • Base/Chamber: The base (or chamber) is where the vapor from the heated concentrate passes through before going up to the mouthpiece. 
Mini Jig Dab Rig

The banger—or nail—is the single most crucial piece to a dab rig design. It’s where you’ll place your cannabis concentrates, so you want to ensure that it is of high quality. 

No smoker wants to experience the taste of the material carried through the vapor. A quartz nail or titanium nail is also where you’ll use your hand torch to heat up anywhere between 350 to 700°F, which means that this dab tool should be durable and sturdy. 

Nails are available in several different materials, with glass, titanium, silicone, ceramic, and quartz being the most common ones on the market. Quartz bangers are made from quartz, which is one of the hardest minerals on earth.

It is a popular alternative material with great durability compared to other similar materials (like a glass banger), and smokers prefer how reliable it is when dabbing because of its flavor enhancement and heat resistance. 

Why Are Quartz Bangers Good?

To say that a quartz banger nail is good is an understatement: Quartz bangers may look like glass, but their overall quality matches the strength of titanium. 

Using quartz as a design choice and as a functional material is a great idea because its natural qualities support heat retention, full flavoring, and durability during dabs. 

Benefit #1: Quartz Bangers Have Excellent Heat Retention

Dabbing is all about temperature control, and a quartz banger has excellent heat retention. 

You can heat your quartz banger for up to 60 seconds, anywhere between 450 and 700°F, for a quality hit. Other dabbing nails like titanium and glass can lose their heat quickly, which means that they usually only stay heated for a single dab. 

However, quartz is a kind of mineral with a naturally thick or dense chemical structure. This natural design holds heat longer.  Thanks to this natural structure, people can experience prolonged and more frequent dabs before they need to re-touch. 

Quartz bangers are also a safer alternative to titanium or ceramic bangers. That's because quartz nails don’t emit harmful gases when heated. Without superior temperature control, you run the risk of inhaling natural toxicants like methacrolein and benzene. When you use your hand torch with a quartz banger, you’re automatically opting for a safer heating method for dabbing. 

Quartz nails are also ideal for low temp dabs. Dabbing at low temperatures around 350 to 450°F can guarantee a smoother and flavorful hit. The dabbing experience is easier on the lungs and offers a better taste. Titanium and glass bangers don’t do well with lower temperatures, which means that each hit won’t be as smooth.  

Benefit #2: Quartz Bangers Don’t Dull the Flavor

Flavor is perhaps the most critical factor when it comes to various types of dabbers. In fact, the consistent flavor is why so many smokers opt for a dab tool over other smoking methods and items. 

An alternative option to a quartz nail is using a titanium nail, which is affordable and simple to clean. However, titanium nails compromise the flavor because they leave a distinct, metallic aftertaste. 

Glass nails are another inexpensive choice for dabbing, but they don’t have the same heat control abilities as a quartz nail. This type of nail may dull your flavor, rather than enhance it the way a quartz banger can. 

So when you’re searching for the best-quality dab nails for your cannabis concentrates, you can’t go wrong with a quartz banger. The design of quartz bangers is naturally thick and quartz can hold the temperature well so that the concentrate’s flavor will come through during any smoking sesh. 

(Don’t forget to get bowl buckets or carp caps for your quartz banger nails. Any dabbing accessory is optional, but these dab tools are great for extra temperature control and consistency. Overall, a smoker can expect better flavors and smoother hits with the addition of these products.) 

Benefit #3: Quartz Bangers Are Extremely Durable

With proper care and cleaning, quartz bangers are guaranteed to last you a long time. Quartz is one of the most durable materials around. You can invest in a quality quartz banger nail and expect it to last you for years to come.

Some people wonder if a quartz banger can explode? Exactly how durable are quartz nails? If you're worried about the heat from your torch, rest assured that this item can withstand it.

Quartz bangers won’t shatter when you use them—even when exposed to high heat. Compared to other materials, quartz is sturdier and more stable than glass and safer than titanium. You can safely heat up the surface area of quartz bangers until they're red hot without worrying about them exploding. 

One of the best parts about quartz bangers is that they can be used at extremely high temperatures without oxidizing (emitting chemical gases) or wearing out. For this reason, quartz bangers are quickly becoming a favorite for dabbers around the world.


All in all, quartz bangers are superior to any other nail types or categories because they withstand extreme heat and ultra-low temperatures. When dabbing with cannabis concentrates, the design and features of the quartz nail offer excellent flavor without dulling. This type of banger can almost outlast you, thanks to its natural hardness and durability. 

If you’re in the market for quartz bangers, then be sure to stick to the best out there. When you choose to shop from manufacturers like MJ Arsenal, specializing in crafting high-quality quartz bangers, you’re guaranteed a smooth, intense, and full-effected dab at every single smoke session.