What is a fully fused banger and why should I care?

What is a fully fused banger and why should I care?

What is a Fully Fused Banger?

A dab banger is the heating dish you use when smoking concentrates. It's a small, usually round, bowl-like piece that is heated up before the concentrate is dropped onto it, causing it to vaporize. Fully fused bangers are made with high-quality quartz that has been heated and fused together to provide a longer-lasting and more efficient smoking experience. 

For their compact sizes, bangers play a big role in delivering an optimal dabbing experience. Glassmakers can’t just fuse together two pieces of quartz and call it a day — it takes very precise, careful work to craft a piece that provides superior quality and durability. The trouble is that since so many bangers look similar, it’s hard to know when you’re getting a premium product.

Without a good banger, your dab rig is a functionless piece of fancy quartz. All dabbers need bangers they can count on to last for months or even years, which is why MJ Arsenal put its blood, sweat, and tears into developing the strongest, sturdiest fully-fused bangers you can find today. 

As a consumer, you'll see sellers’ promotions with different terms for their nails and bangers. But a dab banger is just a small piece of quartz shaped like a bucket. Before you shell out the extra dough to purchase new products or accessories with fancy names, it's worth understanding exactly what you're buying.

Buckets vs. Nails

There are two primary methods for dabbing: Either on a bucket or on a nail with a titanium tip. Although nails and buckets have been around since the early iterations of concentrate consumption, there has been an explosion of styles, designs, manufacturers, and innovative new products and concepts in recent years. 

There is a trend developing toward using buckets instead of nails, which is driven by the desire for larger rips and innovation. Buckets are a proven design and have been used for years. On the other hand, nails are widely available as they're smaller and easier to clean than most buckets.

Ultimately, bangers are better suited for the needs of a daily dabber than any other type of device. The oil flash vaporizes on contact with the superheated bucket and rises through a hole in the bucket and into the stem. This indirect heating maximizes the vapor concentration, and the depth of the dish allows you to use carb caps for better airflow control.

How Bangers are Made

The design of a banger consists of two parts: The bucket and the stem. The bucket is where you place your oil after heating the banger. The stem is the part of the banger that connects to your dab rig.

In banger production, there are two approaches to overcome one of the inherent obstacles in their design: Where to place the hole for delivering concentrate vapor into the stem.  There are a couple of options available:

1) Fully Fused Bangers

2) Standard Bangers

As a finished product, a fully fused banger functions the same way as an unfused banger. The difference is that a fused banger is crafted as a separate stem and bucket and then fused. Unfused bangers are quick-welded from two pieces of quartz.

Fused bangers are crafted using two pieces of quartz. First, a stem is sculpted and shaped for the stem attachment point at the top. Then, the glassmaker molds a bucket from premium quartz.Once these two parts have been individually formed, they are fused to seal the banger piece.

However, a fully-fused weld is not just a simple quartz-on-quartz seal that has been reinforced. It’s more complicated than that.

A fully fused banger consists of two sections of quartz forged together under extremely high heat and pressure until they form one integrally formed piece with maximum durability. As with any glassmaking procedure involving high temperatures, the result is clean, clear, and beautiful.

Why Fully Fused Buckets are Superior

The difference between a fully fused weld and other styles of banger is the joint quality. Fully fusing a stem and bowl ensures no air gaps or poor connections. The end result is better vaporization performance.

As mentioned previously, when you torch your nail to dab with, the concentrate vaporizes on contact with it and rises through a hole in the bucket and into the stem. This indirect heating maximizes the vapor concentration, and the depth of the dish allows you to cap your dab for better airflow control.

A fully-fused banger offers one crucial advantage that sets it apart from unfused options — increased heat retention.

Quartz is an insulator, which means it traps heat inside itself, and that's why circular buckets work best for this kind of dabbing setup. When using a non-fused banger, the air between the stem and dish often cools down too fast. This means your window for dabbing at optimal temperature is much shorter, leading to waste.

Fully-fused pieces solve this issue by eliminating air gaps and weak connections, making for more consistent dabbing temperatures. A fully fused piece also conducts heat better than any other design and is the optimal choice if you want a consistently clean taste.

Should I Use a Fully Fused Banger?

If you're looking to enjoy the smoothest, cleanest, and most flavorful dabs possible, then a fully-fused banger is the way to go. If you don't mind taking your time and want a longer session from each dab in between reheats, these bangers are perfect for your setup.

That's why MJ Arsenal produces premium fully-fused bangers. Our 10mm bangers fit the mini dab rigs we offer and are universally compatible with other 10mm female receivers.  


If your main concern regarding your purchase is the best possible experience, with no lag time between dabs or waste in between sessions, a fully-fused banger is right for you.

The banger/stem attachment method is a fusion of quartz that forms one complete unit. The banger/stem attachment method is a great choice for any dabber who needs to move around or wants the best control over their hits.

For ultimate temperature consistency and vapor purity, look no further than MJ Arsenal's line of fully-fused male 10mm bucket bangers. With several categories of buckets, MJ Arsenal offers traditional buckets with transparent or opaque dishes and a popular drip bucket with a beveled edge and a fully blown-out seal that sells out fast. Get your hands on one today and enjoy your smoke sessions the MJ Arsenal way.