What Are Terp Pearls?

What Are Terp Pearls?

Terp pearls are small quartz beads that spin in a heated banger or nail when using a dab rig. These small pearls work by increasing the surface area of the concentrate, allowing for a more efficient vaporization process and producing a stronger, more flavorful hit.

If you’re a frequent dabber, you probably already know that using a dab rig is one of the best ways to enhance your smoking experience. But if you’re looking to spice things up even more, it might be time to consider terp pearls. 

But if you’ve never used terp pearls before, then this guide is a good place to start.

What Are Terp Pearls? 

Terp pearls — also called dab pearls, banger beads, or terp balls — are tiny dab balls between 4 to 6 mm that you place in a banger to enhance your dabbing experience. 


You can choose from borosilicate pearls, ceramic pearls, or quartz terp pearls, but quartz are the most popular terp pearls because they provide excellent heat retention, have good flavor, and are easy to clean. 

The popularity of terp pearls among dabbers continues to increase because of their benefits and function — and with a spinning carb cap, you can achSearch Bloommieve more even heat and concentrate distribution at low temperatures giving you the best dabbing hit!

How Do Terp Pearls Work? 

To get the best hits when using terp pearls, you first have to learn how to use them effectively. 

Once you set up your dab rig, heat the banger and place the herbs or wax concentrate in the banger to burn off. The spinning balls then cancel out the cold spots in the nail, creating an even heat distribution that vaporizes every atom of the concentrate.

You’ll be able to achieve lower temperature dabs and maintain the vapor within the nail because of the constant spinning. 

Why So Many Dabbers Use Terp Pearls

In recent years, dabbers have been turning to terp pearls as a way to maximize their session and get the most out of their concentrates. 

Terp pearls provide smoother, tastier hits by adding an extra layer of percolation and diffusion, making it easy to enjoy massive clouds without leaving any nasty flavors or smells behind. 

Let’s break down how else terp pearls enhance the dabbing experience.

Benefit #1: Improved Flavor and Potency 

Using terp pearls maintains and improves the flavor of your concentrates — giving you a smooth, clean hit that’s easy to inhale and enjoy.

Spinning terp pearls push the concentrate to spread and heat evenly across the nail’s surface: The constant moving of the balls within the nail pushes the herbs and vapor around, allowing a large surface area for your concentrates, ensuring that none is wasted. 

When the terp pearls spin, they maintain a constant temperature in the nail by canceling out cold spots. Terps vaporize at specific temperatures and can withstand low temperatures, which burns off concentrate before the quartz banger cools down. 

Benefit #2: Increased Heated Surface Area

If you don’t use quartz terp pearls, you’ve probably noticed several cold spots within the nail that don’t allow the concentrate to vaporize completely in the banger.

Terp balls help to retain the heat within the banger. Despite the cooling temperatures in the glass after introducing the concentrate, the terp pearls spinning will even out the temperature to give a unified cooling effect. It also helps you retain more heat for the complete vaporization of the ideal pearls.

It’s easy to contain and control the heat when you have terp pearls. Without them, the uneven temperature distribution in the banger nail could cause some concentrate to burn at higher temperatures — causing a smoky and bitter taste and flavor. Controlled heat retention affects the flavor and vaporization of the concentrate with minimal wasting.

Here’s how it works: Once the content in the banger liquifies before vaporizing, the spinning oil ensures it maintains the correct temperature across the surface for efficient vaporization. 

The resulting oil that comes in contact with the pearls causes the pressure to drop in the nail. This reduction provides a clean dab and allows you to savor every wave as you inhale and consume the concentrates. 

Benefit #3: Create a Custom Smoke Sesh

Proper vaporization at the right temperature gives off bigger clouds that are fun to watch and provides more terpenes. The spinning dab pearls provide an interesting color spectacle — especially when you use colored pearls. 

At the end of the day, dabbing is an art and a science, but it doesn’t have to be an experience that everybody does the same. These might be small details, but any smoker knows that even tiny additions can make your dabbing experience that much more fun — especially if you’re the type to show off while you smoke!  

How to Use Terp Pearls with Dab Rigs

Some first-time users aren’t usually sure when to use these pearls: Before or after heating the banger? As such, first-time terp pearl use can be underwhelming, but the actual learning process isn’t so hard to follow.

The best time to drop the pearls depends on their type. For example, some terp pearls can withstand high heat, so you’ll heat them while in the banger. 

For those that can’t withstand intense heat, heat the bottom of the banger first, then put in the pearls. After that, add the concentrate. This way, you’ll protect the pearls and also maintain their effectiveness.

Quartz pearls have superior heat retention, so it’s best to stick to those and use this process:

  1. First, check your carb cap to ensure it’s the right one for spinning balls. In most cases, the carb cap name or label should tell you if you can use terp pearls.
  2. Put your quartz balls in the banger.
  3. Heat it using your torch to the desired temperature. Quartz does well around 420°F, which is when the terpenes tend to burn and lose their flavor anyway.
  4. Withdraw the heat and put the concentrates in your nail using a dab wand. Watch the balls spin as they vaporize and emit a smoky flavor into the nail.

Quick tip: For extra safety, use heat-resistant gloves when heating the banger and keep flammable substances away from the banger until it completely cools.

Cleaning Your Dab Pearls

Clean terp pearls are also a must, so clean them properly after the dabbing session using an ISO Station. If you don’t clean them, you’ll compromise the next session’s flavor since new terpenes will be blocked by old, hardened concentrate, and your pearls won’t spin the right way. 

First, wait for them to cool — usually about a half hour — then mix them in Isopropyl alcohol to eliminate the sticky residue. 

Lastly, wipe the pearls once all the residue is gone. Ensure you use a dab tool to avoid accidents. If there is no sticky residue in the banger, use a cotton swab to clean the terp pearls and the entire surface.


The next time you want to enjoy an effective dabbing experience, improve your smoking experience and add some personal flair to your session with terp pearls. 

Terp pearls provide clean hits in big smoky waves without wasting concentrate, so you’ll be glad you invested in these small but neat little accessories. The best part is, at MJ Arsenal, we have high-quality quartz pearls so you can get reap these benefits each and every time without compromising flavor.  

So what are you waiting for? Buy terp pearls from the dabbing experts at MJ Arsenal today.