Full Weld Quartz Terp Blender (10mm)

Full Weld Quartz Terp Blender (10mm)

Full Weld Quartz Terp Blender (10mm)

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Enhance your dabbing experience with the Full Weld Quartz Terp Blender from MJ Arsenal. This accessory isn't just about its intelligent design and superior vaporization, but also about maximizing your session's enjoyment and efficiency.

The terp blender is an investment in quality and flavor. Its unique bucket design offers optimal heat retention for larger and more flavorful dabs, even at low temperatures. The blender's angled slits create a vortex for the vapor, ensuring an efficient and smooth hit every time.

Simultaneously, its ability to spin multiple terp pearls not only offers an enchanting visual effect but also promotes better vaporization and terpene preservation, enhancing the taste and aroma of your concentrates.

By adding this accessory to your rig, you minimize waste while maximizing the impact and flavor of your dabs. If you're looking for a more refined and rewarding dabbing experience, the Full Weld Quartz Terp Blender is the upgrade you need.

Material: 100% Pure Quartz
Banger Type: Full Weld Quartz Terp Blender
Thickness: 3mm
Bucket Depth: 53mm
Outer Diameter: 20mm
Plate Diameter: 40mm
Joint: 10mm male

What’s in the box:
Full Weld Terp Blender Quartz Banger

    What Is a Terp Blender?

    A terp blender is a new variation of quartz banger that can be fitted to most dab rigs. This bucket-style accessory offers a function similar to the popular terp slurper, although the design is slightly different. 

    Quartz terp blenders feature a large hurricane disc with several angled air slits for maximum airflow. The dish connects to a tall narrow wall where the heated wax passes through to be vaporized. The third component is a curved quartz joint that connects the accessory to the main rig. 

    The deep bucket acts as a vortex where its connecting tall narrow walls creates a better vaporization experience with greater heat retention — among many other benefits.

    Why Do People Prefer Terp Blenders?

    The quartz terp blender is a rare combination of function and form. When added to your smoking routine, terp blenders bring dabs to a whole new level. Let’s really dive into why terp blenders elevate the dabbing experience. 

    Reason #1: They’re Made for Heat Retention 

    All dabbers know that keeping your dab nail at the necessary temperature can be tedious. Fortunately, the quartz terp blender is here to change that. 

    The bottom dish of the quartz banger, commonly referred to as an upside hat, retains heat at an exceptional level. Users can use the bucket repeatedly without you ever touching the torch because it’s made from thick premium quartz.

    Reason #2: You Can Take Bigger Dabs

    More heat retention means bigger dabs. All you need to do is load your preferred concentrate anywhere on the exterior base dish. Then, simply cap the accessory, apply heat, and inhale.

    Reason #3: Low-Temperature Dabs Are Super Flavorful 

    Even dabs taken at a low temperature remain flavorful and potent with a terp blender. The angled slits and tall narrow walls create a tornado of vapor when used, blending every delicious terpene in one tasty hit. 

    Reason #4: You Can Spin Multiple Terp Pearls 

    The intelligent design of the quartz terp blender doesn’t require a traditional carb cap. Instead, pop a few colorful orbs into the main chamber and place a top marble — or a carb cap pearl — on the blender.

    Multiple terp spheres enhance the vaporization of wax while preserving precious terpenes. And, even more importantly, you can enjoy the stunning visual effect when your terp pearls spin around with every inhale.

    How Is the Terp Blender Different from the Terp Slurper?

    While terp blenders and terp slurpers enhance flavors and reduce wax waste, some notable differences may influence your choice when selecting an everyday accessory. The two main differences are the way they’re designed and the ease of cleanliness.

    Difference #1: Terp Blenders and Slurpers Are Designed Differently

    At first glance, the quartz terp blender appears very similar to a slurper. However, the main difference lies in the bottom dish.

    Slurpers feature a wide disc with smooth glass quartz. Blenders, on the other hand, feature a new style of hurricane dish with angled slits that create a vortex pattern. Because of the vortex, a quartz banger functions as a smoke tornado.

    Basically, a terp blender is a refined terp slurper.

    Difference #2: Terp Blenders Are Super Easy to Clean 

    One of the most significant advantages of the quartz terp blender is that it’s easy to clean. Instead of terp slurpers, which require thorough cleaning, users can efficiently maintain blenders with a simple Q-tip. 

    Looking for a deeper clean anyway? You can easily dunk the accessory in isopropyl alcohol after the banger cools down to keep your quartz blender in mint condition. 

    What Kind of Accessories Should I Use with My Terp Blender?

    On its own, the terp blender brings vaporization to a new level. But when other herbal accessories join the party, the smoke session will transcend new highs. Here’s what the experts at MJ Arsenal recommend:

    Terp Pearls 

    Also called terp balls or quartz balls, terp pearls are pure quartz spheres that enhance vapor at low temperatures. When added to the middle section of your quartz terp blender, they spin fancifully with smoke.

    The best part? MJ Arsenal’s terp pearls are made of heat-retention quartz, meaning that our products can withstand extremely high temperatures without worrying about cracking. 

    Carb Cap Pearl 

    Terp pearls are a fun accessory that adds that extra zing to your sesh – but for your terp balls to spin correctly in your quartz terp blender, you need a carb cap pearl.

    Cap pearls, which look like large marbles, cap the top of your banger to lock in airflow and pressure. With this piece, you’ll see your terp pearls spinning in no time.

    How Do I Use a Quartz Terp Blender?

    When you’re ready to use the quartz terp blender banger, start by placing your terp pearls in the main chamber. 

    Heat the hurricane dish for about 30 to 45 seconds. Then wait for it to cool until it reaches your desired temperature, and place the carb cap pearl on top. Using a dab tool, load your preferred concentrate onto the exterior of the dish.

    That’s it — now you’re ready to enjoy a tasty dab.

    As you inhale, you’ll see the oil melting into the grooved swirls and moving upward into the center chamber. The vapor blends with the terp spheres, creating a vortex effect so tantalizing that you’ll wonder how you dabbed all those years without it. 

    Why a Quartz Terp Blender Is a Dabbing Essential

    With our premium quartz terp blender, you’ll finally be able to enjoy aromatic dab sessions to their fullest potential.

    The unique hurricane base combined with colorful terp balls produces a mesmerizing vortex of vapor. The brilliant design also eliminates unnecessary waste while maximizing the flavor of each hit.

    Quartz terp blenders are mainly intended to enhance low-temperature dabs. The large disc at the bottom retains heat well so that you can dab at your preferred temperature for longer.

    Don’t settle for an insatiable session: Add one of the newest banger styles to your dab rig and awaken your senses to a new level of sublime!

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