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Small but Mighty Bubblers: Elevate Your Smoking Experience with MJ Arsenal’s Collection

Do you love the smoothness of a bong or water pipe but crave the full flavor of a rolled joint or dry pipe? Or maybe you want to downsize your mega-bong to something more compact and concealable? Read More

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Wait — What is a Glass Bubbler?

When it comes to smoking, there is no shortage of products and methods to try on for size. But with endless possibilities, finding the perfect way to light up can be a challenge — especially if you’re new to the smoking scene.

Before diving off the deep end with no direction and burning money on products you don’t need, take a second to get to know the gear before you grind.

As far as a glass bubbler goes, these rigs are small, palm-sized glass pipes that use water to cool and filter smoke for a smoother, more flavorful experience. Though bubblers use similar mechanics to a regular glass pipe or dab rig, they differ in size, hit strength, and design.

In addition to their cute, compact appearance, glass bubbler pipes make it easy to control the intake and avoid greening out after only a few hits. So whether you’re new to hand pipes or a long-time glass rig lover, you can easily take each session into your hands.

The Makeup of MJA Glass Bubblers

Here at MJ Arsenal, we hand blow our rigs out of quality borosilicate glass, a stunningly clear, durable material. So no more shattered rigs and sessions — only long-lasting glass and smooth hits.

Though each mini bubbler rig has unique functions, our bubbler design consists of a glass mouthpiece, bowl, and water chamber.

The Mouthpiece

Just as the name suggests, the mouthpiece is where you place your mouth to pull in smoke from your favorite herbs. Simply breathe in through the hole, pulling the smoke through the water and into the chamber in one smooth motion.

The Bowl

The next piece of the bubbler puzzle is the bowl. At MJ Arsenal, our bowl size varies by piece to meet the needs of every MJA consumer.

Though traditional bubbler pipes are used for flower, our bubblers are also compatible with rolled products and vapes.

For example, our flower and blunt bubblers have an upturned bowl to make loading a breeze. On the other hand, our vape-specific pocket bubbler pipes have a downturned bowl for easy insertion.

Regardless, each of our bowls connects to a diffused downstem that directs each puff into the water compartment.

The Water Chamber

Once you load, light up, and inhale, the smoke will flow into the water channel, where the cooling process begins.

Water in the mini bubbler acts as added filtration, softening the blow of harsh hits without losing potency or flavor. That way, you can take smooth hit after hit without hot fallout or direct vapors scorching the back of your throat.

The Percs of a Glass Perc Bubbler

Just like dab rigs or a dry hand pipe, different types of bubblers have distinct purposes. But whether you go for a double chamber bubbler, a sherlock bubbler, or a hammer bubbler, all the best bubblers have similar advantages.


Despite their small size, glass bubblers hit hard, combining the function of dab rigs with the portability of a dry pipe.

Important Note: Each water bubbler at MJA is made with thick, borosilicate glass to withstand normal wear and tear. However, no glass product is invincible, regardless of how sturdy and durable your water bubbler pipe is. So, be cautious when carrying or transporting your glass pipes to avoid a ruined session.

Statement Piece

A small bubbler isn’t just practical — it also looks incredible! 

With each of our bubblers, we incorporate unique designs into the glass that are not just super functional but also a sight to see. With each inhale, intricate shapes, water bubbles, and swirls come to life as you breathe into your smooth high.

Plus, you can display cute bubblers as a statement piece on a coffee table or bookshelf when not in use.

The bottom line is bubblers are simple to use and incorporate everything you need into an all-in-one piece. So instead of lugging a bunch of gear or scouring your home for another lost vape charger, you can stay on the go with a bubbler water pipe.

So, You Want to Buy a Bubbler?

Given the wide variety of bubblers, it can be challenging to know where to start, especially if you’re new to the wide world of smoking. When delving into bubblers, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:


The price point is one of the first things to consider when researching bubblers. Fortunately, you can find bubblers at just about every price point!

For example, our bubblers at MJA are high-quality and triple-inspected, but we keep our prices affordable for the consumer to allow for more accessible smoking for all.


Another key component to consider is how you will be using your bubbler. 

Do you want a blunt double bubbler for your rolled delicacies? Or do you prefer a more traditional scientific bubbler? Or maybe you want to delve into vape bubblers that allow you to pull cartridge vapor through a cyclone of water. 

Regardless of your preferred method, there is a bubbler out there for you.


Some glass water bubbler pipes can be challenging to clean, especially if there are two chambers or intricate designs.

Though some of our pieces may have more twists and turns, all our glass bubblers at MJA are easy to clean.

The key to keeping a clean piece is consistency, like using an ISO Station. Clearing out any gunk and built-up residue and changing your water with each session will greatly impact longevity.


Whether you’re new to the smoking scene or a seasoned smoker, having a durable, sturdy piece is a must, especially for those with a clumsy streak. 

Though some bubblers look impressive, they may lack stability without the proper structure. At MJA, we prioritize stability with flat bottom or beaker base designs to keep your rig standing upright.

That way, you don’t have to worry about your glass pieces toppling over — burning your money instead of your substances.

Carb Size

A carb hole is a small opening in the bubbler pipe that clears smoke from the chamber with fresh air, eliminating stale smoke. Our bubblers have a carb for easy clearing and more flavorful smoke.

Overall Size

Another key component to consider when selecting a bubbler is size. 

Are you looking for something portable? Or do you anticipate leaving it at home most of the time? 

Bubbler pipes are generally smaller than traditional water pipes, but we take them to the next level. All of our bubblers are compact and transportable!

How To Use an MJA Bubbler

Whether you’re lighting up two blunts in one of our double bubblers or sticking to a one-handed hammer, you can expect an easy setup and cool hit after hit.

First, add water to your glass piece, pouring through the bubbler mouthpiece or stem, depending on which bubbler you choose.

Helpful Tip: You’ll know when you have the right amount of water by covering the carb and inhaling it. If no water splashes back and you see bubbles the entire time, you’re in the clear.

Next, make sure your bowl is clean and dry. Grind your dry herbs, roll them up, and twist your rollie into the bowl. You may need to apply a little moisture to the tip to ensure a good seal. Cover the carb with your finger or thumb. Light the bowl and begin to inhale through the mouthpiece. Remove your finger and finish inhaling.

For those using a vape instead of rolled herb, the process is the same, but instead of placing your rolled product in the hole, you insert your cartridge and breathe in.

Once your session comes to an end, dump the remaining water and run fresh H2O to clear any residue and keep your piece shiny and clean.

Did You Know: You can use a bubbler without water in a pinch. It may not be as smooth without the added water filtration, but it will work on the go.

Is a Glass Bubbler Right for You?

If you want to take your sessions on the go and amp up your smoking experience, look no further than MJA glass bubblers.

Enjoy fresh, rolled herb or vaporized concentrate with the cooling sensation of water diffusion, all in the palm of your hand.

Affordable, uncomplicated, and visually stunning, our bubblers at MJA are sure to take your sessions to the next level. Check out our selection of innovative, functional, and affordable MJ Arsenal original mini bubblers!