Which Mini Rig™ is Right for You?

Choosing a Mini Rig™ for consumption shouldn’t be a difficult task. In fact, we think it should be a lot more fun than the process may seem. Going through reviews or reading up on what Mini Rigs™ are the best for your price range are both great ways to narrow down which rig is best for your flower concentrate or oil. We don’t discredit those methods. But sometimes, it’s important to take a step back from the intricacies and technical aspects of what makes a Mini Rig™ great. Sometimes we want to use other criteria to help us decide on which rig is best for us, and sometimes that means trying to find a personality fit above all else.

So which Mini Rig™ is right for you? You already know not every rig is made the same, but don’t worry. If you like your Mini Rigs™ to be functional and aesthetically pleasing, we’ve got you covered at MJArsenal.

For the Ritualist: Ursa Mini Rig™

ursa mini rig 

You care about the process of enjoying your flower or oil. In fact, your friends may say you care more about the process than the actual product itself. (Maybe. Possibly). Does this sound like you? Then the Ursa Mini Rig™ is the right rig for you. Here’s why: its constant flow of water and vapor make each use smooth, fresh, and full of flavor. Not to mention, it’s one of our best sellers and highest rated mini dab rigs. At 5.2-inches, it is sturdy, melding a classic look with modern features, and delivers hits that some rigs twice its size couldn’t. Believing in the process means investing in an Ursa Mini Rig™.

For the Artiste: Mini Rig™ Collector’s Pack

mini rig collector 

Sure, maybe this is cheating, but if you’re more into variety and are building a collection, our Mini Rig™ Collector’s Pack is a great buy because of the wide variety of gorgeous, sculpted mini dab rigs it offers. These rigs are versatile and functional, so don’t worry about losing out on practicality for aesthetic purposes. At MJArsenal, we cater to both: artistic pieces that are perfect for optimal consumption. Take pride in your stance as an artiste. Just because you care about looks doesn’t mean you don’t also care about substance. Sacrifice nothing and elevate the ordinary.

For the Frugalista: Hydra Mini Rig™

hydra mini rig

 We know, we know: sometimes it’s taboo to talk about cost, but affordability does play into which mini dab rigs a person may be looking at. That’s why we had to include the Hydra Mini Rig™ on our list for all you frugal consumers. There’s nothing wrong with watching your budget, and watching your budget doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a nice, sturdy product. The Hydra is our first purpose-built concentrate Mini Rig™ and it retails starting from $39. With the Hydra and it’s 4-inch ultra-compact design, you don’t have to choose between a solid product and an affordable price.

For the Newbie: Atlas Mini Rig™

atlas mini rig

Being new to the world of dab rigs doesn’t mean that you need to sacrifice quality. You want simplicity but you also appreciate great quality. That’s why the Atlas Mini Rig™ is your best bet for a great price and a great experience. It’s spill-resistant with a honeycomb-style percolator and compact shape. At less than 4 inches, you’re looking at our most portable Mini Rig™. Start with something small that still packs a punch like the Atlas and feel the difference a MJArsenal original can bring to your consuming experience.

For the Goldie L: Jammer Mini Rig™

jammer mini rig 

Maybe you’ve read through our recommendations and couldn’t quite place yourself in any of them. You care about the ritual, but not that much. And while you enjoy a well-crafted rig, you don’t spend as much time looking at it as an artiste would. You’re neutral on price, but you’re not a new consumer either. So where does that leave you? Fear not: the Jammer Mini Rig™ is the Mini Rig™ for you. You just want to enjoy your product and chill, so you’ll appreciate this seemingly simplistic rig. Our commitment will always be to function, and the Jammer doesn’t disappoint in that regard. It boasts an extra thick borosilicate glass body with a reinforced base-connected perc for optimal enjoyment and maximum percolation.

Have you tried out any of these rigs and found they suit your consumer personality? Maybe you like the aesthetic of the Atlas, but find the Jammer is your go-to rig. Whatever the case may be, MJArsenal has a Mini Rig™ for you. Don’t believe us? Take a look through reviews from curious customers like yourself and see the difference.

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